Constantia Nek

For some reason, I have been very tired the past few days. To the point that I go back to sleep even before my daughter leaves for school in the morning. Even after 7 hours sleep which is a lot during summer, I am still tired.
This morning was no different. I went back to sleep for another hour or so before I had to get ready for my mid-week hike with my hiking buddy, which I wasn’t in the mood for but as I wasn’t about to disappoint her, I went anyway.
I decide which hikes we do as I know the routes and have lead several hikes with the hiking clubs. We are restricted to 3 hours which limits the number of routes we are able to do in that time frame and as there has been an increase in muggings/assaults on the mountain, we avoid these hotspots as well.
Constantia Nek is not one of my favourite routes as I have done this trail so many times, it has become monotonous but as I wasn’t taking note of the road, my hiking buddy drove to Constantia Nek instead of my intended Cecelia Forest trail and didn’t inform her where to turn off.

View on our way down
View on our way down

I checked our route in with the Mountain Safety and Tracking group on Whatsapp – 2 pax/Constantia nek to Hely Hutchinson Dam and back again/eta 12:30. I would decide on the actual route once we have gotten to the first resting point at the jeep track. This is when I asked her if she would like to do Agatha’s Gulley and go down before going up Bel Ombre or Hole in the Wall. We decided on Hole in the Wall as I was not sure I would be able to assist her up the scrambles by myself.
The mountain was quiet; we only got 3 other hikers along the way so was not many distractions from the monotony of the route. Not many photo opportunities as I have several photos of this route already.

Edible wild berries…red not so good, black is ripe

When we took the turn above Spilhaus Buttress, it became winter! The wind was strong and cold and dark clouds started billowing over and I was hesitant to go to Hole in the Wall. Looking over at De Villier’s dam and where we needed to be, it looked cold and dark and I wasn’t in the mood for more gloom to match how I felt so my hiking buddy suggested we go to the hut. There is no shelter from the wind at the hut so took a path I didn’t know and went to find a rock to crouch behind and had a snack before going down the same route.
As we were going down I was thinking that I miss my hiking club. Two Sundays in a row, I did Platteklip by myself as I had early morning appointments. I need adventure! They better have a nice hard scramble route planned or I would sulk some more. Lo and behold! While I was checking Facebook on our drive home, I was invited to do KLOOF CORNER RIDGE! Finally! I will go OCD on photos and videos of the chains, chimney and hopefully (cloud cover permitting) the breathtaking views 😀

My next blog post will not be so dreary and will be filled with adventure and little anecdotes! Can’t wait!

De Villiers dam looked cold
De Villiers dam looked cold
Constantia Nek

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