Cecilia Ridge

Winter is coming!

Spare a thought for my poor fingers and toes while you are as snug as a bug in a rug and I’m trying to feel my fingers at 7am on my mountain.

A greater concern is the recent spate of mountain fires.  Sunday, Rhodes Memorial, before that, Hout Bay, before that…I lost track…today there was yet another fire at the bottom of Lion’s Head…sigh

Last week the club did Spilhaus Buttress and I couldn’t hike as I had to attend a wedding.  I can no longer do midweek hikes as I am now temping.  I can only stare at my mountains from public transport which is like technology – great when it works but when there are delays or cancellations sheesh!  Can ruin your entire day, like today.  Get into work and ADSL ain’t working so my Tuesday (after a long weekend) was a perpetual Blue Monday!

With my last hike being 2 weeks ago, I feel super unfit and over indulging every crap under the sun made me feel even worse.  It’s almost icy cold in the mornings so did not have a great start to my Sunday morning when I was supposed to be super excited that I got to climb my mountain after such a long hiatus.  (I can be so melodramatic at times lol)  I was excited but not for such an easy peasy hike.  Ok easy peasy for us (our club members are super hiking fit) There’s no exposure to heights, no scrambling and it was only 3.5hours.  Besides my 2 under 2hour solo Platties hikes, this was the shortest, easiest Sunday hike I’ve done in months!

Ok! Ok!  Lemme get to the actual hike hehe. Breathing in the cold, crisp fresh Cape Town air at around 7am, 12 of us started at Cecelia car Park which is on Rhodes Drive between Kirstenbosch and Constantia Nek.    If you are coming from Wynberg/Plumstead/Southfield, Hohenhort Drive ends at Cecelia Car Park.  If you drive from Kirstenbosch to Constantia Nek, you will pass reflective art of frogs and butterflies and other stuff on the trees along this road.  Quite cute.

Peak a Boo I see you!
Peak a Boo
I see you!

Anyway! The mountains are covered in clouds and knew it was going to be even colder than ground level but not to fret, we hikers are prepared for any of Cape Town’s moody weather and we make our way through the forest and past the Waterfall which will be gushing when there are enough downpours.


We encounter two snobs with their pack of dogs (not on leashes I might add) and reprimanded for our boisterous jovial ways.  I won’t go into detail or I’m just going to get annoyed again.  Moving on…  We turn up at the cairns and can see spots of the views through the clouds but the higher we go, the clearer it becomes.  We all take this in and photographs ensued.  We do really have a beautiful city and it’s such a pity that most people are still sleeping when we are fortunate enough to look down on you all.  Again, a camera cannot capture what the naked eye sees.

Almost clear skies :-)
Almost clear skies 🙂

For as long as I’ve been hiking, I think it’s the first time that I see a snail on the mountain.


It’s so cold that not even a lizard in sight hehe.  Lots of dew covered spider webs though

winter wet web :-)
winter wet web 🙂

and the huge King Proteas are dying out until next Summer when they will hopefully be in abundance as they were this season.


This route ends up along the Jeep track just before the Hut and at around 8:45, we have breakfast in De Villiers dam.  We normally just pass the dams but it was decided that this was our breakfast spot and took loads of photos (all my albums are uploaded onto Facebook – I have almost 10 000 photos on FB hehe)

De Villiers Dam with Grootkop in the background
De Villiers Dam with Grootkop in the background

We made our way down via Constantia back to Cecelia Car Park where we ended our hike at 10:20.

This View!
This View!

Way too short.  My body is accustomed to 5+hour hikes on a Sunday…and I can only thank the Almighty that I am healthy and have the ability to do what I absolutely love so greedy for more…

hint hint Mr Pressie/Hike leader/decider on our hikes…

Until my next hike, ciao for now.

Cecilia Ridge

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