Wally’s Cave Repeated

I had every intention of hiking Kasteel Buttress with the club today. Since I started working again, I find that I no longer have time or even the energy do things during the week so have to cram everything into the weekend.

My Saturday started at 5:30am with laundry, ironing, my daughter’s karate tournament (she won a gold medal for Kata and a Silver medal for Kumite).

Gold Medal :-)
Gold Medal 🙂

Got home to make a late lunch, made a pot of veggie soup and a pot of Chicken and Corn Soup (The sudden onset of winter weather got me craving). Did some cleaning and made two batches of koesiesters but my brother finished off frying the one batch. As I knew I was going to be exhausted I even bought me a Monster energy drink for breakfast as today’s hike was a scramble. Since becoming fit and healthy, I stopped buying Energade for my Sunday hikes and just drink water

So last night my friend Zee asked if I’m hiking today (code for let’s go hike) She won’t be direct about asking me to hike with her as she doesn’t like ‘taking’ me away from club hikes Also, hiking by yourself is quite tranquil (when you are not being constantly alert for muggers). Zee works retail hours so hardly has time to hike and according to her, not fit at all. We don’t see each other often but when we do, we have a lot to catch up on. We had to an easy hike so suggested Wally’s Cave even though I did it last week.


Getting up this morn was torture and I just tied the laces of my one boot when Zee hooted. I drank my second cup of coffee and ate my porridge in the car lol. We talked all along the way and got to Lion’s Head and checked in with Mountain Safety and Tracking at 6:55 with an ETA of 9am. We are alone in the Cave and 2 hours later and non stop talking, I notify Tracking that we are still in the cave and will advise later our ETA. Half an hour later, we didn’t feel like going to the top so went for coffee instead lolz

Truth!!!!! enjoying the coffee so much that she had to close her eyes!

We checked out at 10:15 and off we went to Truth Coffee Roasting where more talking ensued 😀 Their coffee is the absolute best! We didn’t even savour the taste that we drank it almost in one gulp. I use to work in town and Truth Coffee and Lindt Studio were places I frequented so had to go to the Studio as well only to find that they were closed today! Maybe a good thing or I would’ve spent too much money there haha but I really wanted a Lindt dark chocolate gelato!

Corvette and Mustang
Corvette and Mustang

Even though today was not much of a hike, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Being secluded in the cave for 2.5 hours having Table Mountain as our view was divine! Zee and I have the type of friendship where we won’t chat for weeks, don’t see each other for months and when we do see each other, we just carry on where we left off.

I have to go fry off another batch of koesiesters now. My nephew will be going on Umrah next Sunday (hence all the koesiesters) so will not be able to hike but as Monday is a public holiday, I want to hike then, even if it’s on my own (which will be Platties)

Also, as it’s no longer cricket season, a lot of my Sunday hikes (when it doesn’t rain or don’t have other commitments) will be with my brother and other people who has asked me to take them on easy hikes so club hiking may take a backseat for the next couple of weeks.

Until my next hike, ciao for now.

Wally’s Cave Repeated

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