Sunrise Lion’s Head + Wally’s Cave

So shortly before midnight we received one of those phone calls..Funeral at 12:30pm which meant that I could not hike with the club and do Skeleton Gorge down Nursery Ravine…I had to do a short hike on my own…

What to do?  I could start trail running like ‘bestie’ and I plan to do but I didn’t know how my hip/leg would react after last week’s injury…I could do Platties but now I’m paranoid doing a solo Platties hike after Achmat Jackson aka AJ spotted a Caracal just last week…


I LOVE cats but it’s still a wild cat! Then I remembered that a group of friends was to do Lion’s Head and I owe them a hike after bailing on a previous hike 😛  I could take them to Wally’s Cave as well and BONUS!  It was a Sunrise hike..I haven’t done a sunrise hike before J

So with all my dwelling, I only got to sleep at 1am and had to be up at 5am…I arrive at Lion’s Head parking lot at about 6:40am and performed morning prayers by myself and notice that a running group performing prayers as well..If I knew beforehand, I couldv’e joined them..

Anyway the group of friends turned out only to be 2 so the 3 of us set up at 7am with our torches.  It was still very much dark for about 30min or so before we could turn the lights off.  We also passed the boulders which fell down few weeks ago…crappy photo…

fallen boulder on the path
fallen boulder on the path

The 2 decided to go the safer route up and I went up the chains by myself and hiked at my own pace.  I reach the peak at 7:47am and have a cup of coffee and koesiester and proceeded to take pics while waiting on the other 2.


They arrive and not long after, 2-3 of their friends who were late also joined us…Not much of a sunrise as it was too misty with the mountain clearing now and again.  Weirdest thing, standing on one spot and its cold and windy!  Stand on another spot and its lovely!

this bird allowed me to get so close that I couldve reached out and touched it
this bird allowed me to get so close that I couldve reached out and touched it

Was so funny as well when a group of ‘happy’ people were attempting to take a groupie of themselves jumping.  After watching this for a while I offered to take the pic for them.

M.A Hiking club made their way up and greeted and chatted to them for a while and gave them koesiesters which they were grateful for haha.  We were called for a group photo and ‘happy’ people offered to take photos for us.

Mountain Ascent Hiking Club
Mountain Ascent Hiking Club

An hour after I arrived at the top, we decide to make our way down…this is THE longest that I’ve spent on top of the mountain.

Next stop is Wally’s Cave.  It’s the first time as well that I go down to the Cave instead of up and notice that I’m higher than the actual path and just assume it will go down.  I was wrong!  We ended up on top of the cave lolz so had to backtrack a bit and go down little bit further.

Photo of what the cave looks like inside for a change
Photo of what the cave looks like inside for a change

Compulsory pics ensued plus a much needed loo break!  I drank my flask coffee by myself as the others weren’t too keen on black no sugar 😛


We checked out of mountain tracking and safety at 9:52am and it was a short but very much enjoyable hike.  No matter how many times we can repeat a route, each time is a different experience.

Thanks guys…

Until my next hike ciao for now..(which will only probably be after the Fast unless we go chasing snow:P )

Sunrise Lion’s Head + Wally’s Cave

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