Quickie Wally’s Cave Hike day after Eid

So after a month of Fasting and no hiking, I was really looking forward to hiking the first Sunday after Eid which happened to fall on the day after Eid which is always exhausting for me. I couldn’t do a longish hike as I had to do the laundry after the hike and thought I would do a solo Platteklip as the club was doing Porcupine Ravine. An absolutely gorgeous hike but I wouldn’t have the time or energy for that…

And then my mother fractured her ankle on Friday night and all last minute Eid prep was left to me and I was already exhausted from the week of baking after supper AND around power outages (not even Loadshedding but a fault which meant our electricity went out at any time sigh) Also had to see to the patient’s needs as well as my father. Fortunately, my kids are old enough to see to themselves and assist me.

10pm our power went out while there was biscuits in the oven!
10pm our power went out while there was biscuits in the oven!

Eid day was even more exhausting to the point that I was even incoherent to myself lolz but I persevered throughout the day. Sunday morning arrived and I was OMG, am I really hiking today?! I want, nay, need more sleep! But could I wait an additional week? NO! So a quickie Lion’s Head hike it is then.

Everything I set out to do takes me longer as I (we) are at my mom’s beck and call and the sweetest thing is that my mother apologised that everything falls on me now and we both cried as it was totally unnecessary for her to apologise as I will help with pleasure! She is my mother and she would do the same for me.

So Sunday morning I check in with Mountain Tracking and Safety at 8am with an ETA of 9:30am and up I go. I barely started and I was huffing and puffing already lol

Not long into the hike, I passed a group of 8 High School students and older. They were talking about doing Elephant’s Eye next and informed them that the route is closed until further notice and a spot fine of R2500 will be given if they are caught in the area. All routes affected by the fire is closed. The one guy was explaining our awesome the views are and thought to myself ‘you ain’t seen Wally’s Cave’ and asked them if they’ve done it to which they replied no, where is it. We happened to be standing at the start of the route and asked them if they wanted to go after I showed them one of my awesome pics and they were grateful for having a Tour Guide, as they called me.

Finally got them all together for a group photo
Finally got them all together for a group photo

My hiking leadership skills kicked in 😛 Up a little and wait for the rest, stop and repeat. One girl was really struggling and one of them took her back to the car so off we went again and the one guy was shouting for us so told another to leave an item of clothing at the turn off. I took them to the cave and then only was I asked my name hehe. The other guy was taking too long so went off searching for him. Both the girl and guy was making their way up again and told him I will stay with her and he can go ahead, he will hear the rest of the group at the cave.

Happy hikers :D
Happy hikers 😀

We reach the rest of the group in the cave and they were having a photo capturing party! Oh yes, it was quite misty so no Table Mountain view but they were quite happy with the cave itself. I showed them various poses for awesome photos. We took individual photos, group photos, couple photos and repeat. Photos inside the cave, outside the cave, on the sides of the cave. One guy did a pretend proposal to his girlfriend and I was laughing myself silly for this group of hikers lol

The funniest was when one of the girls got her ‘jumping-in-the-air’ photo and she screamed and jumped around as if though she won the Lottery! I didn’t take many photos as this was ‘their’ hike and allowed them to enjoy it but by 9:20am I was like enough now as I am supposed to be down the mountain by 9:30am and we are still in the cave. Told them I was just going to take them to the second set of chains and I was going to make my way down and explained how Tracking works and had them added to the group.

did remarkably well for their first climb
did remarkably well for their first climb

Before going up the first set of chains, I realised that these kids hasn’t done any climbing before! O_o Guided and assisted them up one by one and they all did wonderfully. When we got to the second chains, I told them to watch others climb up and gave them the option of taking the longer safer route or the quicker route. They all said quicker and we parted ways at about 9:40am. I now jogged down and stopped to take pics as well and reached the car park at 10am.

Not the hike I planned. I was just going to do the normal route up and down Lion’s Head but I didn’t mind showing this group of kids one of the hiking gems and they absolutely loved it! I got to hike and that’s what counts 😀

Until my next hike, ciao for now

Quickie Wally’s Cave Hike day after Eid

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