Blinkwater Ravine turned Rescue Mission

This blog-post is dedicated to my 13 fellow hikers which were not stranded yesterday as the media reports. Also to everyone involved with the rescue as I do not know all your names but you know who you are and those furiously working behind the scenes! THANK YOU! Thank you for risking and taking time out of your lives to come and assist us.

I’m a proud member of Hikers Paradise Hiking Club and have been since inception, about 2 years ago I think (memory fails me now as to exactly how long) and have done several awesome hikes with them of various difficulty and not once did I feel my life was as risk. We’ve done routes like Hiddingh Ascension, Kloof Corner Ridge and the club has done Silverstream Ravine and Kabongkelberg. (Which I haven’t done yet) and Blinkwater’s terrain is nowhere near as treacherous as these mentioned routes.

Most hikers (hopefully all) know all too well that hiking is a dangerous sport as we know that all it takes is one slip and thus take the necessary precautions. We are all experienced hikers in the club and know our stuff and NOT only that, our hike leader (Anwar) is a member of WSAR (Wilderness Search and Rescue), Hikers Network and the Mountain Safety and Tracking. A few of our club members (including Anwar) have also gone on first aid courses AND he has gone for mountain climbing and Trad courses so we have faith in him as a hike leader.

Each one of us has our own experience to tell. This is my account

It was just another ordinary hiking Sunday but knowing that hiking with HPHC is nothing but extraordinary. I’ve done this route a few times (even in the rain) and even come down this route a few times so thought nothing of it and we know the terrain and what’s in store for us. I’ve written wonderful adventures about our hikes and meeting at Kloof Nek car park Rashaad shows us his hand which is all bandaged up and regales the tale of how he forgot that his fence has a spike and grabbed onto it. Silly mans…Rashaad is also a member of WSAR and have been on several mountain rescue missions. He knows his stuff as well. Both Anwar and Rashaad carry heavy backpacks for emergency situations and even go out on rescues after hiking with the club!

We first have a quick discussion as to where we are going to start. Teresa Avenue or at Kloof nek and decide on Kloof nek as the route to Teresa Avenue is filled with detours due to road works. Missions!

Fast-forward to ¾ of the way up Blinkwater at the narrow gorge.

As I started out tired (in fact I’ve been tired for the past 2 months – reason in previous blog posts), I was mostly sweeping plus I’ve discovered new features on my camera phone and testing it out, I show Shaheen (Rashaad’s wife) some of my photos with our backs facing the gorge and as she’s saying that’s stunning photos! We hear shouting and a rock falling and out of instinct, I duck for shelter without even turning around or even looking up to see what was happening as that would’ve wasted precious split seconds should the rock come tumbling down on me and throw me off the mountain. I am safely behind another rock and burst out crying and I wept! I am unscathed and alive! I get to see my kids again! My kids haven’t lost their mother! I say my thanks to my Creator (pause while I’m shedding a few tears again as I can’t see through my tears)

I then hear shouting and Shaheen saying concerned words (of which I can’t a damn recall now) about her husband and snapped out of my moment. It’s not about me now; it’s about those who were injured. I come out of my hiding place and see that Rashaad is trapped face down under the rock and Nazeela is wedged in on the side with her facing the mountain. I don’t know if anyone has pics of this.

First thought is to get them out. Myo and Anwar are below them and already trying to lift the rock and I go and assist. I assess the area as to how I can help and the only thing I could do was keep Myo stable so that he could go higher and reach the rock and I see blood dripping from the side of Rashaad’s face and Shaheen saying something but again I can’t a damn recall what she said. We are all praying at this stage and we are all filled with adrenalin. Giving us ‘Dom Krag’ Strength we didn’t know we had. Some of the hikers above were trying to lift up the rock and Myo and Anwar was trying to push the rock up. They had to stop with each attempt as we were hurting Rashaad and Nazeela and quick discussions are made and I see Hayley’s gash on her leg. It looked bad. Rashaad then mentions that he has rope in his bag and we get this out and tie the rope around the rock with the rest above pulling the rock up and pulled Rashaad out and Nazeela was free as well. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hike was promptly aborted.

We sit him down and get the first aid kit out and I see that Nazeela is mobile and coming down to us. Now I’m sitting with this medical kit and shivering from the cold and trying to pry this damn kit open with stiff fingers and I eventually got it open then I’m like, ‘I don’t know what to do!!! Tell me what to do!!!!’ I don’t know how to assess injuries! And then like straight out of the movies Myo pronounces,’ I am a medical doctor’ Can you picture this moment and the relief we all felt! While he is doing his stuff, I see that Rashaad is soaked and shivering and tell him we need to get him out of his wet top as Hypothermia is a real threat now and ask if I could cut if off as he can’t move his shoulder and arm. Someone said no need to cut it off and I remember that I have a space blanket in my bag and we wrap his torso under his wet clothes. (Yay to watching many movies where hypothermia is a threat – including movies about hikes) and he needs body heat now then Shaheen says ‘ Fatima, as Rashaad’s wife, I give you permission to please hold my husband and keep him warm!’ The Doc says that heat is escaping from his head and need to cover his head as well and doc has a space blanket as well and wrap Rashaad’s head with that too. I give him some filter coffee, black no sugar, to warm him from the inside out and He is still shivering, and so am I and Doc tells me to put on more clothes which I did but couldn’t find my gloves and asked Luke to look for it but he couldn’t find it and I can’t remember where and when I took it off so went to hold onto Rashaad with Shaheen on his other side. Rashaad makes a funny comment about this and we laugh and say nothing wrong with his head there hey. As I’m still shivering, Shaheema came to hold us and we huddle like this while Doc is seeing to the other patients. Doc assessed Rashaad’s head wound to be superficial and in laymen’s terms, very sore shoulder and sprained ankle.  I also used my Survival bag for him to sit on instead of cold wet rocks.

Nazeem twisted his ankle and Nazeela’s inner thigh is sore and now we wait and huddle with Nadeema keeping Nazeela warm, trying to keep each other warm as we are thick in the mist and it’s windy and cold! John was also slightly injured but he was helping as well. I believe that Nazeem was as well despite his twisted ankle. We were all on an adrenaline high. The patients and the rest of us were all in high spirits despite it all.

Rewind a bit. In the midst of the incident, Mountain Search and Rescue and WSAR were notified and rescue operations were put in place. Anwar has a radio to communicate with them and I am added to the incident group chat on whatsapp to give updates on the patients and GPS co-ordinates. YAY Doc with his specialized equipment! Typing with cold stiff fingers and on an adrenaline high is a mission I tell you! I also see all the messages that came through and notify some of them that we are all ok, not trapped, I’m safe (those who knew what happened) My heart bursts that I have friends who are concerned about me. I’m also like shjoe people! Need to conserve battery life here! Don’t get me wrong, we really appreciated the love and concern showed to us from our fellow club members at home and others in the hiking community. My family knows of nothing yet.

Judging from the time stamp on the last photo I took (at the time) was at 9:07 and I was showing Shaheen the photos when the rock fell and getting them out and Doc assessing them all took about 20minutes but felt like 5 minutes!

Fast forward again. The weather is not looking so great with fear of rain so Anwar made the call to get to shelter below. We were not at an ideal spot weather wise or for our injured to be airlifted and Rashaad saying that he will be able to go lower down. We are all assisting each other again with Doc behind us with the rope tied around Rashaad’s torso with Anwar and Igsaan assisting him. I then see that Rashaad is struggling going down rocks and assist him by lowering myself so he can slide down on my legs and onto his buttocks and slide down rocks where needed. At each break, I hold him as he is shivering like someone having an epileptic fit and ask him to please stop! He says he wishes he could stop coz he is not even cold so it’s the shock making him shiver like that and we continue like this until we are in a clearing and sheltered from the wind. Now we wait some more. The others were further ahead and Anwar tells them we need to stick together so they waited a little bit further down and the first Rescue team arrives and we update them. Doc gives them his assessment as well and the Rescue team brings out a lekker blanket for Rashaad to wrap himself in. They also stabilize his ankle. The situation is that they are waiting for Skymed to be approved but Skymed won’t be able get to us in the thick mist and wind and air lift 3 patients and Hayley was being carried down in a stretcher by another team. (edit:  Hayley actually confirmed that she hobbled down all the way without a stretcher)  So now we wait on Oryx to be approved and that is another level of approval as Oryx is a military rescue helicopter and much much more powerful to handle this type of rescue and we wait.

I’m checking my phone again and I see it’s already after 12pm. I tell the others and simply cannot believe it’s been 3 hours already since the rock fall as it honestly felt like it happened just 10-15 minutes ago and Shaheen was in agreement. Nature called as well. I’m also still very cold so now huddle with Rashaad to keep me warm lolz and can’t understand why I’m so cold and feel that my clothes are actually wet under my 2 jackets. (insert another joke Rashaad made which I can’t share lol) and we all laugh and again agree that there is nothing wrong with his faculties hey. My dry spare clothes are in the car…uhm yah I know I’m spose to keep it in my bag Anwar! Doc gives me two of his tops and a lovely thick pair of socks and I go change out of my wet clothes and gratefully into dry clothes. I didn’t realize at the time that whilst pulling Rashaad out of the rock, we were under a tiny stream and my foot was actually in water. My boots are waterproof but water was running down into my boots so didn’t feel it. Adrenaline makes you focus on the task at hand and make you forget about your own comfort.

Micheal from Mountain Safety and tracking reminds us to eat and huddle to keep each other warm and so we eat. I want to go check up on Naz now and ask Doc to take over my spot and down I go. Everyone is doing well and warm. The rest of the group was assisted down already with only Naz, Nazeem, Anwar, Igsaan, Doc, Rashaad, Shaheen and myself still on top. At that time, we get a notification that we made EWN news. I read it and roll my eyes at the sensationalism. No one was trapped sigh. Those who were were freed within minutes, long before the story even hit social media.  While going up to show the rest of them, Shaheen and Doc was coming down as the area had to be cleared for the helicopter. The rotor blades are so strong that it could throw smaller rocks around and even us as well. We part the 4 injured and slowly make our way down with tired legs. We take a break as we are getting quite hot now that we are out of this mist. Shaheen asks if she must let her family know, knowing that they will worry so I said yes, rather to hear the real story from her than read it in sensationalized media reports and I let my daughter know and notify her that I am safe, uninjured, not trapped and still on the mountain. We get Taahir from WSAR and he tells us that his team actually went up Diagonal to Traverse along to Blinkwater but had to go back down again as it was too high or something (with a metal stretcher on his back no less!) so was making his way up Blinkwater again. I get a please call me from my son and he says that he heard on the radio about trapped hikers and asks if I’m ok and tell him the same thing I told my daughter and laugh after the call. He is so sweet for the concern and sends me a please call me haha! We got a few rescuers going up while we were going down and as it is 3pm already and the incident happened 6 hours ago, Shaheen finally had her moment of tears after being so strong for her husband throughout! We get Anwaaz and two others close to the pipe track and he explains the difficulty and challenges in planning a rescue in our conditions and why it took so long.

Finally! And with much relief, we see Oryx flying towards us at 3:40 and promptly took a video! It was a sight to behold! As solid as our mountains! The technicality and expertise of the pilot as they disappeared into the mist and actually clearing the mist to airlift the patients. Then they disappear into the mist again, clear it again and airlift them all! I was awe-struck! We were awe-struck! I got this on video but too big to upload :/

The 4 of us, Shaheen, Anwar, Doc and myself opted to walk back to our cars at Kloof Corner instead of getting a lift to Temp rescue base and then to our cars. It was a somber walk back but filled with relief and then said that this walk reminds me of Survivor and that we are the final 4 lol. We then joked around this with the others being disqualified and airlifted out of the game. We outwit, out-played and outlasted them and you know what, when they read this, they will laugh as well because that is how we are.

We checked out of Mountain Tracking and Safety at 5pm and thanked them for all their assistance! Our day is not over yet as we have to go to hospital and I am taking Nazeela’s car to her. Anwar and Shaheen went to pick up Luke at the temp rescue base and I get to hospital and give our patients names and they can’t find it on their system and asked if I’m sure they were taken to that hospital and not another one. I told her that was the info given to us by Rescue Operations. The lady at reception even phoned the other hospital for me but they weren’t there either.   I phoned Shaheen and she confirmed as well. We don’t know where our 3 hikers are. …The lady kindly offered me water and I got to answer nature’s call but didn’t take up her offer on sitting down as my clothes were quite dirty. She then phoned the emergency section out back and yes they were there but weren’t booked in yet so not on their system! YAY!

I go out back and had to wait as the doctors were busy with Rashaad and Nazeela but Nazeem wasn’t there so took it that his ankle didn’t require hospital treatment and was relieved for him.

Anwar went in to see Nazeela and Shaheen went in to see Rashaad and came back for an update. They were going in for x-rays and Rashaad a CT scan. We eventually leave the hospital at 6:30pm and let my daughter know we are on our way home.

I get home and my parents scold me for coming home so late and ask, didn’t the kids tell mummy what happened?! And she didn’t! Kids! I tell them what happened. I’m replying to several messages. The thing is on the news and meh!

Was on phone calls etc retelling some of the events or more like clarifying what the media reported sigh. I eventually get to shower and make prayers and my back and legs are sore now. I try to sleep but sleep evades me. My mind is recounting the events of the day over and over again. I eventually get out of bed and take something to help me sleep which happened after midnight. I woke up to a very sore body and emotional again as the trauma only hitting me now and in grateful tears, I see that Anwar has created an incident support group for us. The caliber of hike leader that he is! We use this platform as trauma counseling and quite therapeutic!

Too much too screenshot so emailed the chat to myself:

8/31/2015, 03:50 – Anwar created group “HPHC incident support”

8/31/2015, 03:50 – Anwar added you

8/31/2015, 03:50 – Anwar changed this group’s icon

8/31/2015, 04:02 – Anwar: I am still awake

8/31/2015, 05:11 – Fatima: I am so sore all over!

8/31/2015, 05:11 – Fatima: Taking the day off

8/31/2015, 05:21 – Amiena: Big thank you to the dr mo I dnt know whaT we would have done had he not been there.

8/31/2015, 05:46 – Fatima: OK what is his name..I know it was said many times but it didn’t stick

8/31/2015, 05:49 – Amiena: Mohindra I think we called him Mo

8/31/2015, 05:50 – Fatima: How is everyone doing emotionally…the trauma of the even hitting me now

8/31/2015, 06:20 – Nadeema Hike: I keep on thinking of it playing in my head over and over…an then the tears just rolls…

8/31/2015, 06:27 – Fatima: I only fell asleep after midnight after taking something to help me sleep..coz it was playing in my head over and over again and have to remind myself over and over again not to think that it couldve been so much worse coz it’s quite futile..worse didn’t happen, it was Allah swt will so don’t think about what coulda Coz it didn’t

8/31/2015, 06:28 – Fatima: I still have to blog about it 😥

8/31/2015, 06:28 – Fatima: Writing about each detail is reliving everything

8/31/2015, 06:30 – Shaheema: Slms, morning all

8/31/2015, 06:30 – Shaheema: Tossed and turned all night… Screams echoing in my mind… Sjoe

8/31/2015, 06:31 – Fatima: 0950 number..who is you? 😜

8/31/2015, 06:31 – Shaheema: Me is shaheema

8/31/2015, 06:31 – Nadeema Hike: I cannot begin to thank Allah enough for keeping those who was injured alive…

8/31/2015, 06:32 – Shaheema: Praise be to Almighty

8/31/2015, 06:32 – Fatima: Algamdullilah Allah swt is most merciful

8/31/2015, 06:34 – Nadeema Hike: How Allah granted us to be enough to pull that rope …subaghanallah and Dr.Mo

8/31/2015, 06:34 – Nadeema Hike: There was so much Mugabbah…Yaa Allah

8/31/2015, 06:37 – Nadeema Hike: Keep on thinking how unselfish Nazeem jump up to assist and forgetting about himself being injured……

8/31/2015, 06:40 – Nadeema Hike: Seeing it from where I was standing that rock rolling destroying what in his path way…

8/31/2015, 06:54 – Nadeema Hike: The beauty of all of this is how Allah in his infinite mercy still show’s us that he is Araghman Subaghanallah….and we all are still breathing shukr Yaa Allah ….to the entire group of yesterday I love you for the sake of Allah you were all awesome we pull together as one body…

8/31/2015, 06:55 – Amiena: Its in newspaper today

8/31/2015, 06:56 – Fatima: Indeed algamdullilah..we can give ourselves all a pat on the back for how we just came together as a group and helped each other

8/31/2015, 06:58 – Nadeema Hike: To Shaheen you kept you cool through out the incident …I admired you ..may Allah bless you and grant you husband Rashaad complete sifaa’h ameen thumma ameen

8/31/2015, 06:58 – Fatima: Indeed! She is an amazing woman!

8/31/2015, 06:58 – Shaheema: Indeed… Ameen, thumma Ameen

8/31/2015, 07:00 – Shaheen: Shuks. I had a little meltdown later….ask fatima….but Rashaad will be fine inshaAllah

8/31/2015, 07:00 – Shaheen: Rushing to get junaid off to school on time

8/31/2015, 07:00 – Shaheema: Ameen

8/31/2015, 07:00 – Shaheen: Not my job normally 😥

8/31/2015, 07:01 – Nadeema Hike: Alhamdulilah is he still at hospital?

8/31/2015, 07:01 – Shaheen: But managing. I’m slow in the morning lol

8/31/2015, 07:01 – Shaheema: Strength all🙏💋❤

8/31/2015, 07:01 – Shaheen: Yes

8/31/2015, 07:02 – Fatima: It was tears of frustration that everything was taking so long and quite understandable

8/31/2015, 07:19 – Rashaad Jakoet: Hi everone. Just want to say thanks for all the help yesterday. Not sure that i would have made it off the mountain without the collective effort of hphc, hnrescue, mcsa and of course that badass helicopter pilot. I had a look at the vid and the flying looked very tricky. Ihave a mild concussion, a really sore neck, right shoulder in a sling but miraculously no fractures and bruises just about everywhere. Not sure when ill be discharged from hospital but will keep u guys posted. Thanks

8/31/2015, 07:24 – Fatima: 😃

8/31/2015, 07:25 – Nadeema Hike: Rashaad shukran for sending this msg…i was very worried about you ….but my hat you were really holding it together. ..what a story to tell you kids.

8/31/2015, 07:25 – Fatima: Taahir Osman uploaded a close up video on instagram..can’t share it

8/31/2015, 07:25 – Fatima: Lol his younger son Said a dinosaur threw him off and Shaheen played along

8/31/2015, 07:26 – Nadeema Hike: Oh my

8/31/2015, 07:26 – Rashaad Jakoet: Show me later fatima. Nadeema, apparently my 3yr old said the dinosaurs on the mountain pushed the rock

8/31/2015, 07:27 – Nadeema Hike: Fatima was just relating that story lol

8/31/2015, 07:30 – Fatima:

8/31/2015, 07:30 – Fatima: OK figured out how to share the link only

8/31/2015, 07:31 – Fatima: So can only viewed if you are on instagram I think

8/31/2015, 07:32 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0005.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 07:34 – Fatima: My 15 year old daughter reply

Well the person who reported it was clearly using hyperbole to make it sensational.

8/31/2015, 07:38 – ‪Nazeem: How is Naz?

8/31/2015, 07:41 – Fatima: Slm..we both in surgical ward F….I am ward F2 and he is next door in another room… Given painkillers..having physio tomorrow morning..Rashaad is fractures….shukran guys for everything…

8/31/2015, 07:41 – Fatima: Naz last night

8/31/2015, 07:41 – Shaheema: It’s on the wire… Heart 104.9

8/31/2015, 07:44 – Shaheema: Hospital?

8/31/2015, 07:45 – Fatima: Yes they are at Cape Town mediclinic

8/31/2015, 07:45 – Rashaad Jakoet: Aden, julian ans tafuma talking about us?

8/31/2015, 07:45 – Fatima: Huh

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Fatima: Are you still on morphine?

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Rashaad Jakoet: Heart 104.9

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Fatima: Oh, the radio presenters

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Fatima: Yes it’s a huge stoeuy

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Nadeema Hike: No it’s on the radio

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Fatima: Story

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Shaheema: Was on the news

8/31/2015, 07:46 – Fatima: All the news channels aired it

8/31/2015, 07:47 – Fatima: Its in the newspapers..waiting on bro to buy it

8/31/2015, 07:47 – Shaheema: Will chk out papers and send in group

8/31/2015, 07:47 – Fatima: They showed you in the stretcher and naz hobbling

8/31/2015, 07:47 – Fatima: As you got out of helicopter

8/31/2015, 07:48 – Anwar: Cape Argus interviewed me last night

8/31/2015, 07:48 – Shaheema: No lus for work… Kop is vol… Club duvet

8/31/2015, 07:51 – Rashaad Jakoet: Get an extra copy for me pls fatima

8/31/2015, 07:51 – Fatima: Sure will do

8/31/2015, 07:52 – ‪Hayley: I echo all of the above….pain, relief, shock, restless night and playing it over over over…gonna go to work a few hours only. Recover swiftly everyone 💙

8/31/2015, 07:53 – ‪Nazeem: IMG-20150831-WA0009.jpg (file attached)

Ready to be airlifted

8/31/2015, 07:53 – ‪Hayley: VID-20150831-WA0010.mp4 (file attached)

8/31/2015, 07:56 – Naz Hike: Slm everyone..Rashaad how u doing…all the doctors and nurses are talking about the News coverage…..sure we all had a sleepless night…..been given lots of pain meds…feeling much better Algamdulillah…..battle to walk..having physio later..Anwar we all need to be debriefed this incident affected each an everyone there yesterday!!!

8/31/2015, 07:58 – Rashaad Jakoet: Im ok. Big headache. Doc says i may have to stay another night

8/31/2015, 08:02 – Fatima: I am so annoyed with the negativity around the media coverage…we’ve done that route a few times, we’ve even come down that route a few times without incident. .even with MA. I don’t blame Anwar or any else for what happened…it was a freak accident..that is all..arrgghh

8/31/2015, 08:03 – Fatima: We know the terrain and have done worse routes

8/31/2015, 08:03 – Fatima: Meh

8/31/2015, 08:03 – Naz Hike: Ohk…great..was very worried about u..Rashaad…will try and pop around later…..

8/31/2015, 08:03 – Rashaad Jakoet: Ok naz.

8/31/2015, 08:03 – ‪Hayley: Agreed Fatima. Media thrive on sensationalism tho….

8/31/2015, 08:04 – Fatima: Rashaad went up with his buddy and passed us quite safely

8/31/2015, 08:04 – Rashaad Jakoet: No one to blame. We all know the risks assoc with the mountain.

8/31/2015, 08:05 – Fatima: I mean…rashied

8/31/2015, 08:05 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0011.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 08:05 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0012.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 08:08 – Naz Hike: I was a freak accident…the mountain is long as we all okay…

8/31/2015, 08:09 – Anwar: Good to hear that you and Rashaad are recovering well, for me and all in group plus ,rest of HPHC members and friends and our families feel our pain and we like family, when one gets hurt we rally around and support, one cannot help feeling emotional and also realise how fortunate we are for surely the Almighty was merciful…I love you all dearly

8/31/2015, 08:11 – Nadeema Hike: It can happen on the most safe’s routes media se voet in a vis blik!

8/31/2015, 08:11 – Anwar: I set up this group so we can share with each other and offer the necessary emotional calmness

8/31/2015, 08:11 – Fatima: I know nuh

8/31/2015, 08:12 – Fatima: I’m even mentioning it in my awsome is our hike leader to create this group coz he knew we would need each others support and this group is our therapy

8/31/2015, 08:13 – Anwar: Then secondly we definitely must set a date to meet ands debrief and afford everyone to share his story and then we look at lessons learnt

8/31/2015, 08:13 – Fatima: I’m procrastinating writing though..meh

8/31/2015, 08:17 – Anwar: My tears has its own free will for I feel for each and everyone. This that we do is our passion and we all do it cautiously but most of all understand the risk and danger to live, and then also the price that one could pay to feed that passion coupled with its adrenalin

8/31/2015, 08:20 – Fatima: Ive learnt how well we work together as a team when needs be

8/31/2015, 08:21 – Fatima: And I love you all!

8/31/2015, 08:21 – Nadeema Hike: It was surely odained and decreed by The Almighty no one can stop what he his premitted….and just for the record we are experiece hiker dam good leader a group that has a passion for what Allah has given us and to walk his creation and to be grateful for what he the almighty has given us to admire and to in spire others…

8/31/2015, 08:21 – Fatima: We didn’t go all into a panic and cause chaos..we done what needed to be done in record time

8/31/2015, 08:21 – Nadeema Hike: Totally!

8/31/2015, 08:38 – Naz Hike: We are like family….always looking out for each other…love u guys..thanks for all the love and support!!!

8/31/2015, 08:44 – Fatima: Bought copies of Argus and Cape times..Gna take photos quick…will Share it and read it later…don’t smaak like getting upset again

8/31/2015, 08:45 – Shaheen: Salaam/Morning all. I have so much to be grateful for. Firstly a competent caring hike leader, who knows the mountain like the back of his hand and the ins and outs of Mountain rescue. Then An absolutely amazing group of fellow hikers who all rallied together and worked efficiently and calmly to control the situation as best as possible. Hiking like any activity of this kind is never without incident. I love hiking and will hike as long as the Almighty allows me to do so and with who else to do it but with this group? We all belong to the best club there is. How lucky are we?

Thank you once again. I apologise for venting some frustration at one point. Fatiema and Shaheema, thank you for helping to keep Rashaad warm and comfortable. Doc Myo, your calling to be a medical doctor was so you can help people while doing what you enjoy – not 12 hr shifts ;-). John, Igsaan, Nadeema, Amiena, and each and every one of you a BIG thank you. You are all family and i love you all dearly.

8/31/2015, 08:48 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0017.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 08:49 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0018.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 08:49 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0019.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 08:49 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0020.jpg (file attached)

8/31/2015, 08:51 – Fatima: Shukran Shaheen! No need to apologize

8/31/2015, 08:52 – Anwar: Shukran for kind words

8/31/2015, 09:05 – Rashaad Jakoet: Oh no. Front page. Sorry

8/31/2015, 09:12 – Naz Hike: That is the media for u….

8/31/2015, 09:13 – Nadeema Hike: I need to say this we are 100% behind you Anwar …we family

8/31/2015, 09:16 – ‪Nazeem: Fu#@$ these head hunters.we standard behind you 100% and will all be back on the mountain soon😡👿👍

8/31/2015, 09:16 – Naz Hike: I agree…we have your back Anwar….we should broadcast what Shaheen wrote…

8/31/2015, 09:17 – Nadeema Hike: And just to add to the media ‘s added stories ….we as the hikers took care of the injured helping and assisting in which ever way we could before the rescue came

8/31/2015, 09:17 – Nadeema Hike: Yes we should!

8/31/2015, 09:18 – Fatima: I’m busy with blog and including most what was said here

8/31/2015, 09:19 – Nadeema Hike: Shukran Fatima

8/31/2015, 09:19 – Fatima: IMG-20150831-WA0021.jpg (file attached)


8/31/2015, 09:20 – Naz Hike: Excellent Fatima..shukran

8/31/2015, 09:23 – Nadeema Hike: Good to go! Fatima

8/31/2015, 11:27 – Fatima: I’m almost on 2500 words! 😱

8/31/2015, 11:38 – Anwar: Wow

8/31/2015, 11:46 – Fatima: And we not even down the mountain yet lol

8/31/2015, 11:46 – Fatima: Zarina just called..sends best wishes to everyone

8/31/2015, 11:46 – Fatima: Zarina fakier

8/31/2015, 12:16 – Anwar: Been doing interviews one after the other

WhatsApp Chat with HPHC incident support.txt

Blinkwater Ravine turned Rescue Mission

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