Agatha’s Gulley

Before I start with Agatha, we had our debrief and HPHC will release a statement soon about Blinkwater but I do want give a shout out for the 984 ‘Blinkwater Ravine Turned Rescue Mission’ views O_O from various countries all over the world! That was most certainly unexpected…even more unexpectedly and shockingly! A share onto the BDSM fetish community! O_O uhm! Thank… you…? I think…

last week's views with another 7 views this week..thus far
last week’s views with another 7 views this week..thus far

Soooooooo Yesterday we did Agatha’s Gulley and I was slightly apprehensive doing a scramble (as teeny tiny as it was) plus crossing the ledge as I feared my old phobia for heights would return and that would make hiking terribly sucky not being able to do buttresses, ledges, traverses and ridges :/ I have to hike. (I took 2 friends up Wally’s cave the week prior and didn’t blog about this as I wrote a piece for “The Wrap’ – a weekly old school newsletter one of said friend emails out and in ‘The Wrap’ I mentioned that Hiking Centers my Chi)

was a hot one people!
was a hot one people!

For me, personally, I’ve done the routes up Constantia Nek too many times and no longer finding it exhilarating but grateful for the fact that I am able to hike (in fact, my very first blog was about this route) but have no issue taking others up. I guess taking others up are for them and not for me hey.
So 8 of us met up at the car park and geez it was HOT and not even 7am yet! Off with my jacket. We also got old hiking buddies at the car park that did Hole in the Wall. This time I was with the faster hikers as it seems all the squatting of last week made my legs stronger lolz

waiting for the Sunday 'strollers' at the first break
waiting for the Sunday ‘strollers’ at the first break

At the first break, waiting for the others to catch up, it’s off with my long sleeve top which was already sweaty and appreciate the early morning views and smells coz geez people! I do not have issues with owners taking their dogs on hikes but for realz! Pick up their poop please!The start of this route smells like your backyard! (the good poopie picker-uppers excluded of course)

its fine, take all the time you want...
its fine, take all the time you want…

We then make our way to Belle Ombre and take another break at Agatha’s turn-off and admire the mountain ranges some more. The mountain may have hurt my feelings but I still love her!

After a while, I ask them are we just going to sit here or actually go up Agatha lolz and go through the almost unbeaten path as not many hikers know of this route and it’s time to cross the ledge and I’m slightly nervous. Crossing this, I’m like yay! I’m not scared! I can look down without fear so merrily and confidently make my way to the other side 😀 I go find a nice spot so I can take photos of the rest of the group crossing the ledge and now I’m right behind as its go-ocd-on-photos-time! We are also now extra cautious stepping on and over loose rocks.

the LEDGE!
the LEDGE!

And Agatha’s Gulley is now done lolz (why it’s not one of my fave routes is because it’s so short).

Luke kisses the mountain and I promptly say I wana kiss her too! Which I did, and stroked her and said I still love you my mountain. (yes I speak to the mountains) ok there’s still the teeny tiny scramble to Belle Ombre and on the way for the first time! I see The Throne!

sitting on the Throne in my Brian rescue-guy inspired funky pants! \o/
sitting on the Throne in my Brian rescue-guy inspired funky pants!

Well I called it a throne as it resembles a toilet pot lolz Why I’ve never seen it before I do not know but anyway photos! This is when the fierce wind suddenly picks up…where did this come from and then its up the scrambletjies and I admit that I am even more careful now when pulling myself up a rock. Fear of a rock dislodging is real people. We have always been careful, checking before pulling and in many scrambles, we only have fingertip holds to pull ourselves up (and push up with our legs) With the hikes we normally do, we have to be careful as all it takes is one slip…


Anyway, its up Belle Ombre and we break at the overhang. Not in the overhang where we normally sit as it was too windy! Soon a group of hikers arrive and I offer them koesiesters with them saying that they are a large group and I say its ok as they can all share…the lady looks at my top (with hikers paradise hiking club) and ask me if I am the hike leader and tell her no and point out to Anwar and tell her he is sitting over there…Anwar Adams…if the name sounds familiar…and Blinkwater was discussed.

thanks for the warm send off guys! *waving byeeeeeee*
thanks for the warm send off guys!
*waving byeeeeeee*

Another friend spent the weekend on the People’s Trail with his hiking club, Ommiedraai Hiking Friends, and as he wasn’t feeling well and knew that I was going to be in the area he asked if I could give him a lift so parted with my club at De Villiers dam and waited on Saeed. Anwar notified Mountain Tracking and Safety that 1pax was staying behind and that the rest of the club was going down. He asked that I check out when I’m done as well.

Volunteer Ranger Saeed aka sick Saeed!
Volunteer Ranger Saeed aka sick Saeed! PS he is single ladies!

As Saeed is a volunteer ranger, he educated me on some of the fauna and flora and I’m still totes clueless as to the names lol…what stands out for me is the carnivorous plant species that eats ants and got to take a pic of it! He also told me that in February, we should look out for Blue Disas along the trail as well.

and I forgot what these ant eating plants are called hehe
and I forgot what these ant eating plants are called hehe

Saaed would have to lead as I’m always in a hurry going down this path. My legs get bored with the monotony of this path and not even a long way down, he says he’s bored lolz

Despite Agatha’s Gulley being such an easy hike (for our hiking fitness levels), this route was the perfect choice for post incident hike actually to get us back into the swing of things so want to thank our Hike Leader for his brilliant consideration once again. Thank you Anwar!


We missed our injured hikers (and Shaheen and our good doctor ) terribly on Sunday and wish them a speedy recovery!

(I wrote this over 2 days)

Thank you for reading and until my next hike, ciao for now.

PS. Sanparks free entry week is from the 14th to 18th September (specifically Cape Point and Silvermine, which will be open by then)
And Cape Nature free entry week is from the 21st to 27th September – highly recommended route is Jonkershoek and Krom River
Check out their websites for further details.

Agatha’s Gulley

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