Woody Ravine with Mini-me

so many pretty cobwebs!
so many pretty cobwebs!

I was not planning on hiking the day after volunteering for the Ultra –Trail run but then saw a voucher for the Cable Car in the community newspaper and had to take advantage of that. I normally give vouchers away but my daughter hasn’t hiked with me in a while and as she will be going away for the weekend of the 11th , it had to be Sunday the 03rd.

another pretty web!
another pretty web!

The way I felt Saturday night as I got into bed, I let our little easy hike chat group know that I may join them instead but it would depend on the way I felt in the morning and will let them know. They were to start at 7am. (Oh yes! Last week I took a group of newbie hikers along Constantia Nek to Skeleton contour and I wrote piece for the Wrap instead of blogging about it) Photo albums on Facebook of course.

yes another web photo
yes another web photo

Anyway, with a groan, I am up at 5am and think to myself, am I really hiking today. Shuttup Fatima, you know you will feel better once you’ve had your first cup of coffee. I was on a go slow but soon felt strong enough to do my planned Woody Ravine hike and was in no rush. I still did three loads of laundry after morning prayers so only left the house at 7:25am.

My boots!
My boots!

I check in with Mountain Tracking & Safety at 7:45am, my chosen route and estimated end time at 12pm. With a cup of coffee in my hand, Taahirah and I take the pipe track and it’s completely misted over with no views at all. This time I am not distracted by flowers but by cobwebs! The creative artworks created by unknown spiders were amazing! After each photo I tell Taahirah last one but then take another photo of the next cobweb hehe

ok here's a flower pic
ok here’s a flower pic

It was actually very quiet on the route… was it the weather??? Just a few trail runner here and there and one hiking group going up Diagonal. I am so grateful for the Mountain and Tracking Safety group or I would not do this route if I was not part of a group because of muggings, safety in numbers etc etc etc.


Also had Taahirah take a photo of me at ‘warning’ sign ‘this path is closed, enter at your own risk’ Well that’s ambiguous she says.

Anyway, we hike at Taahirah’s pace and oh yes! As we were house-sitting, she forgot to pack hiking clothes and boots x_x so she had to wear mine and luckily I had spare clothes packed for the Ultra the previous day and luckily! My brother has a pair of hiking boots which I wore.


I update Tracking at 9am that we were going up the ravine and will update them when we safely reach the ‘Surfboard’ which will be our breakfast spot as well.

Her 'not impressed with the mother' look
Her ‘not impressed with the mother’ look

Taahirah is struggling. Well Taahirah only got 4 hours sleep! Knowing that she will be hiking a ravine with me and this time not Platteklip! The 2 times I’ve taken her up Platties, we ended up going to Mc Clears Beacon and then over to the Cable Station and then down Platties hehe First time she completed in 6 hour and second time in 5 hours ^_^ She’s sweating buckets so clip my hiking towel around her for easier access and we slowly, really slowly make our way up lolz. There’s a stream of water coming down the route and I’m like yor! First time the route is this wet and that can only be from the non-stop overnight rain we had during the week.

DSC_1493 DSC_1494

We snack and we chat and we laugh and Taahirah complains (rolling my eyes) at a trickle of a waterfall she washes her face and drink mountain water and she says she’s taking abdas (ablution) haha! Witty girl that. We finally reach the peak at 10:15am! I haven’t been up the Ravine for a while so don’t know how long I would take at my own pace as we normally just go down this route and last time I did it in 22 minutes!


Anyway it’s off to the Surfboard now for compulsory photos plus breakfast. I tell Taahirah to take photos from various angles and I go. The mist comes and goes and the wind come in gusts so I fear falling off or the rock breaking off meh! Anyway, I am on the edge but after, I saw it wasn’t taken at quite the right angle and now its Taahirah’s turn and she goes off WITH DIRE WARNINGS! If she falls off and dies, I’m going to go after and kill her and haunt her! Try not to go to the edge because you know how I’m going to stress my head off so try not to stress me out too much! I am such a stress pot that she doesn’t even go up and down the chains on Lion’s Head when I’m around hehe ok not funny for her as I am super paranoid about her safety. And yet I don’t want to be too over-protective and have to allow her to live life. I risk my own life on a weekly basis after all.

Centering her Chi
Centering her Chi

We find a little bit of shelter from the cold wind and have koesiesters and pumpkin bollas for breakfast. I didn’t make coffee as I had on my way up haha! We didn’t stay long as it was cold and hiking longer than anticipated.

I notify Tracking and off we go through Echo Valley getting the same people and a trail runner we got along the pipe track haha! The sun comes and goes but mostly we are surrounded by cold mist and Taahirah is not a happy chappy as she didn’t expect the hike back to the cable car would take that long. Well Taahirah, at your pace, it does take that long! I eventually get impatient with her stroll pace so tell her to pick up the pace as we are taking way too long as we could’ve been down the mountain an hour ago. She picks up a good pace and I thought why couldn’t she do that before?! (rolling my eyes)

I've had enough of you now Mother!
I’ve had enough of you now Mother!

We reach the cable station by 12pm and now I don’t know where to redeem the voucher lolz…find a staff member who told me the shop so I go in there. Was told that the voucher is return only! I’m like nuh uh! I am not paying normal ticket prices when I can hike down for free! Which I prefer anyway but Taahirah would divorce me lolz. So I’m thinking it’s a matter of who you speak to because sometimes in this country, people can suck information from their thumbs. I go to the office and was told the same thing. ok speak to Manager and explain that the whole reason I chose a long roundabout route was to come down the cable car as the voucher doesn’t specifically state that it has to be a return. I might as well have just gone up and down Platties! Also, Taahirah is 15 years old and not putting her through Platties with her tired legs and besides the routes are all wet! One slip is all it takes! The manager (bless him) says that he will let me go down the cable car, leave Taahirah there, pay for the ticket, phone the voucher number up and they will let her go down. SAY WHAT?! YOU WANT ME TO PART FROM MY 15 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!! WITH STRANGERS?!

DSC_1531 DSC_1534

Ok they calmed me down and did as suggested and we took the free myciti bus back to kloof nek car park at 1:25pm and check out of Tracking.

Guess this is why Taahirah only hikes with me once in a blue moon lolz. I keep torturing her…I sorry 😀 not

Until my next hike, ciao for now

Woody Ravine with Mini-me

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