3 Rocky Peaks (last week Sunday)

DSC_0016_9So the night prior to this hike, our club had its Annual Black Tie event (annual being only the second time as the club is only 2 years old hehe).  In my opinion, it was a very successful event and I had great fun!  The entertainment was fantastic and the awards were hilarious and appreciated.  Our Saturday group is way bigger than our Sunday group and it was nice having us all in one place and meeting our counterparts J

And of course I was tired so grateful that we didn’t have a hectic hike planned for the following morning as I was zombie.  It was the first time that the club did 3 Rocky Peaks as it just too ‘easy’ for our standards 😛


Details are a bit fuzzy at the mo as its 11pm on a Sunday night so struggling to remember the highlights and have a feeling this blog will be very scattered and not well thought out…I sorry…

When I did the Post Fire hike with Ommiedraai, I told Muneeba the hikes my club normally sticks to and she was keen to join us and 3 Rocky Peaks would be the perfect starter scramble hike for her…oh never-mind I’m going to sleep now…too tired to think that far back…(also the end of the hike keeps popping up in my mind)…tomorrow is another day \o/


Ok lets do this… so the morning of the hike I got an old hiking buddy and we had a big fat chat that the others started without me lol so had to run up and catch up.  I was on a go slow with very little energy so was sweeping all the way up and also because Muneeba was fascinated with all the fauna and flora.  We reached the first peak and photos ensued.


The second peak has a teeny tiny scramble and Muneeba went up effortlessly without any guidance and going up towards the 3rd peak, we are very much behind.  I take her through the very narrow chimney which she enjoyed haha and then we caught up with John and had to search the final scramble.  None of the routes up looked familiar so chose what seemed like a route and when we got to the top, I realized that I missed the actual route as it’s overgrown.


We eventually meet up with the rest of the group and had a pleasant breakfast.  When we normally do this hike, it’s very windy at the top so for once the weather was pleasant as well with fantastic views we haven’t seen in a while J


It’s time to go down but Muneeba and I are taking our own time as neither of us is in a hurry.  By the time we reached the Vlakkenberg path, the rest of the club was probably long gone.  We took A LOT of pics of flowers hehe and then it starts to drizzle and again!  I do not have my rain gear with…At that stage I was too lazy to put on my all weather top as I correctly predicted it wouldn’t rain much.


It saddened me to see how much deforestation is taking place to make way for the Ziplines L  and the route looks a lot different than the last time I hiked this route.  We were nearly done when I saw the messages in the Mountain Safety and Tracking group which I won’t repeat as it’s in my previous blog ‘For My Ommiedraai Hiking Friends’

And just like that, my hike and all that it meant for me, was over.



3 Rocky Peaks (last week Sunday)

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