Rhodes Memorial to Old Fire Lookout

Firstly, I want to apologise to those who are waiting for me to take them on an easy hike and yesterday I go do one without making it known.  Please realize that the past week took an emotional toll on me and work is quite busy plus I had things to do every single night after work plus it was our end of year staff party in East London and knew that I would not be able to lead a hike.  I was neither willing nor able to take on that responsibility.

I would’ve been quite fine not hiking at all yesterday (and for me to say this says a lot especially since I was not willing to give up a hike whilst taking care of ‘The Patient’ no matter how burnt out I was).  Nashita decided for me that we are going to hike and I only confirmed the details with her late Saturday night hehe.

I woke up utterly exhausted yesterday morn and took my time getting ready and told Nashita not to rush as well and didn’t at all mind when she was ‘late’  and get old hiking buddies at the car park and chat with them for a bit.  My suggested time was 6am but started at 6:15am checking in with Mountain Safety and Tracking with an ETA of 10am (chill time included)  The trackers warned me that this is a crime hotspot which I knew but the media reported that there are now patrols at the hotspots…

too tired to smile

We start out very slow.  Talking more than hiking ^_^ Which is exactly what I wanted and needed anyway.  Nashita took a couple of photos of very sleepy me hehe When I looked up at the shortcut to the Blockhouse, it seemed very steep to me and asked Nashita, do we really have to go up there so she said we can take the long way round \o/ and off we strolled.

Photo cred to Nashita..I bet neither of us can name this flower 😛

Couple of hikers, runners and mountain bikers passed us with friendly greetings and eventually make our way up past the blockhouse up to the old fire lookout.  Nashita is not accustomed to scrambles even though this short route has teeny scrambles and guided her up (I took my 7 year old nephew up this route a few months ago and he absolutely loved it!)  It is here that my camera no longer wanted to open so Nashita took over as hike photographer and she did a wonderful job.

Almost there!

We took many breaks and I sat down which I normally don’t as it puts extra strain on the thighs getting up but I didn’t care.  I was also too tired to care about fixing the prob with my phone hehe.  We finally reached the Lookout at around 9am I think lolz.  Taking 3 hours up this route is a very long time 😛

We had breakfast and coffee and chatted a very long time.  10am we were still at the lookout and just enjoyed each other’s company, the views and the weather.  I notified tracking to extend our ETA without giving a time as we were in no hurry.

Breakfast for two 😛

The reason why I chose this particular route is because of the views and the privacy as it’s not normally a busy route but there was quite a few hikers going up and had a group of them to take photos of us.  My old hiking buddies were coming down already (from Knife’s edge) and we were still there hehe

chatting to UCT students and photo cred to one of them 🙂

We eventually make our way down and assisted Nashita going down as it was a bit scary for her but I can handle this J  She did very well J

Finally reaching the car at 12pm, Nashita suggested we go for coffee as she has never been to Rhodes Café before and we spend more than an hour there not tiring of each other’s company 😀  This is normally the way Suzanne and myself hike hehe.

could barely smile at the start of the hike but after 5 hours we are all smiles

This hike was tranquil, cleansing of the soul, therapeutic, not physically taxing (although it couldve been if we made the effort lolz)  We chatted nonstop and it’s not like we had any catching up to do as we chat via WhatsApp every day and camped together 2 weeks ago hehe

Nazeem Karriem, writer of The Wrap says that we are ‘birds of a feather; two peas in a pod’, ‘we get along like fat in a frying pan’ and yesterday’s hike proved this.

She is the sister I never had (being the only girl with 3 brothers).  Our friendship is only just blossoming with many outside interference stunting its growth.  WE needed this hike just for the two of us so hope you understand why we didn’t make our hike public knowledge and pray that we continue to flourish for the rest of our lives as I love this woman to bits.

Until my next hike (hope its an epic hard one), ciao for now



Rhodes Memorial to Old Fire Lookout

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