Nursery Buttress

When the hike notification came through, all I read was meet at Cecelia car park & Buttress and I assumed that we were doing Spilhaus Buttress and I was like ergh…Spilhaus is my least fave buttress as it’s so short. It was only yesterday that I checked that we are actually doing Nursery Buttress ^_^

The last time I did a Buttress (Els) was 2 months ago! O_O and keeping my concern to myself, I was praying my knee wouldn’t act up as I still feel a kink in it sigh The last time we did Nursery Buttress was 30th November 2014 and it was 30+degrees Celsius that day! Today was almost that hot but I was prepared with frozen water hehe


So 15 of us met at the car park around 5:50am and after a short briefing we started at 5:50 with an ETA of 12pm. We could have started this route at Kirstenbosch as our club has a permit for free entry 😛 but as the club did Skeleton Gorge down Nursery Ravine last week, we needed variety to the route and we don’t mind the extra walk to the start of the Buttress.


Going up to the contour path, I was relieved that there weren’t any doggy poo stinking up the route and we really motored up only taking a short breather to regroup and take a photo of the sunrise and then regrouped at the stream. It was a warm quick walk along the contour to the start of the Buttress just past Nursery Ravine and we excitedly make our way up.

I was behind Peter (new guy) when his foot slipped a bit and I hear a loose rock slip and I froze! O_O Nothing major but made my heart race O_O sheesh Nevertheless we merrily make our way up the scrambles and steep climb up the path and being extra extra careful with my clothes getting caught in thorn bush :/ At one point, I dragged a dried out thorn bush at the back of my shoulder and when I tried to pull it off me; the thorns pierced my skin and made me eina lol. I called John’s daughter who was behind me to take it off hehe Along the little traverse, we have a chat with Peter originally from the UK who said he has travelled to over 50 countries but when he came to Cape Town, it felt like home \o/



We go up my fave part of the scramble which is the most dangerous (most exposed, sheer climb) of the route and my endorphins soaring with adrenaline 😀 until I chose an awkward climb and got myself stuck not being able to move to the side and I wasn’t about to go back down, I called for help. Instead of pulling me up, Anwar orally guided me :/ didn’t help much as I got myself up anyway by using my knee x_x Cardinal rule, don’t use your knee! And this is where I hurt myself a little but keep this little tidbit to myself -_- and the rest of the way up, I put the pressure on my right knee instead.



Few more scrambles up, enjoying the sublime views along the way with several photos and just being happy J Along one of the scrambles, one of the new guys were below me and I was climbing when I see this dude (forgot his name) almost up my backside and I’m like dooood! Chill, one at a time, you can’t be climbing right behind me lol

¾ of the way up and I am starving! It’s hot and I need some shade and took a 2 minute breather under the first shady bush along the route. Batiste hails from France and we taught him ‘kwaai’ and ‘jits’ meaning awesome. When he returns to Paris, he can tell his people that Cape Town is jits but then Anwar taught him a not so nice colloquialism and we burst out laughing. Us girls attempted to teach him, to say it with his French accent dragging the ‘j’ but no, he said it as is hehe *rolling my eyes*


We eventually reached breakfast spot at about 8:15am and could take our time in the shade and just chill, eating and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. One of the new guys (who happened to be the enthusiastic scrambler of earlier) ran out of water and said he could have some of mine (but not all) as it was still slightly frozen and was like drinking nectar in the heat 😛 and it was time for photos in the little ‘window’ close by. After various poses by various models, we see Batiste on another rock and of course, we wanted photos there as well 😀 The faster hikers were already making their way down at this stage. Photos done, we chill some more in the shade and #1 takes out a Lindt chocolate 😛 making up for the fact that she didn’t bring her fantabulous brownies or sandwiches hehe This is also when I have my knee massaged and made it known that it’s not fully recovered from my injury of a few weeks back 😛



At 10:05 we eventually make our way down Nursery Ravine and my intention was to keep with the group but their pace is too slow for me putting extra strain on my knee and thighs and I pass them as I wanted to get out of the sun as well. I’m in the foresty parts now but still I don’t slow my pace as I’m thirsty and want to sit down and drink water at the contour path and wait for them at 10:30am letting the group know where I am. There’s a group of hikers there and we mostly ignored each other and greet passerby’s. I was hoping for some water to wash my face and neck down but the ravine is dry :/ And I wait. And I wait some more. I’m bored now so get up and explore and take pics. A security guy comes along I ask him what is he patrolling this are for as it’s not a hotspot and he says he is from Kirstenbosch and I tell oh, you checking for permits, well haaties for you as we came from Cecelia forest haha. This is when the group of hikers chats to me as they heard me say hotspot and wanting to know if I know the routes and tell them where the hotspots were.



30 minutes later, John and his daughter met up with us as they went down Skeleton Gorge and when everyone caught up, we make our way back to Cecelia car park along the contour path. Again my intention was to stay with the group but alas I part them once again and close to the cars, the area reeks of doggy poo (so much for the request that dog owners be considerate) and I reach the cars at 11:50 and I wait but fortunately it was only 10minutes this time 😛 and chatted to a guy who turns out to be from Cape Union Mart hiking ^_^


Today’s hike was everything it was supposed to be and I absolutely loved it! With the heat bringing out some topless hikers as well 😛  I wasn’t tired (as in my previous blogs, oh I’m so tired all the time) as yesterday I had an afternoon nap and as I was too well rested, I struggled to fall asleep just after 1am with my alarm set for 3:45am hehe


I am so looking forward to next week’s hike (which I’m hoping it’s going to be the one I requested as I haven’t done that particular route yet) The week after I’m not hiking as my daughter will be having a grading at Karate camp.

So until my next hike, thank you for reading and ciao for now


Nursery Buttress

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