Sunset hike to Wally’s Cave

On Sunday someone asked me if I am doing a midweek hike so said I can make a plan.  Even better, a sunset hike so chose Wally’s Cave.   He typed out the hike details and asked me to share far and wide which I did.  Then said someone pulled out of the hike x_x

Sunset from the Cave

Anyway, we meet at Kloof Nek car park at 6pm after getting some traffic and taking an unknown detour hehe.  Muneera who joined us on Sunday to Woodstock Cave brought her husband along.  Mubashir was joined by his father and sister.  A school friend, Nasheta and her friend and her daughter joined as well and I convinced my daughter to come along too D.  Momeena wanted to come along as well but she was working late L

My fellow hikers

We met up with Nazeema and her son at the start of Lion’s Head so 12 of us slowly made our way up as Nasheta hasn’t hiked in 20 years and Nazeema is recovering from a slipped disc.  Taahirah as leading and tell her not to miss the steps to the cave and she tells me yes mother I remember.  I’m sweeping and walking at an easy pace reassuring Nasheta to take her time as the first stretch is always the hardest.

At the start of the route

We eventually met up with the rest of the group and they passed the steps x_x and had to call them back.  Oh yes!  It was 30+˚C on Tuesday so started sweating early.  We take our time hiking up and Nasheta is doing better than she realized and wanted to turn back already but I was having none of that and told her to enjoy the mountain and city views and not think how far still but to focus how far she’s come already.

Old Fire look out

I told Taahirah to wait for us at the old fire lookout and when we met up with them, the men didn’t want to go further :/  I went up to the turn off just to show them that it’s not that much further and after some uhm name calling, they came up haha!  Also, Sarah had a blister as she was wearing ankle socks.

Table Mountain & Devil’s Peak

We reach the cave and shared our snacks and tell them that we don’t have much time before the sun sets and getting those photos is why I chose this route 😛  We take our compulsory individual Wally’s Cave photos and watch the sunset and told Mountain Safety and Tracking to extend our ETA.  Nasheta, Shameema, Nazeema, her son and I stayed a little after the sun has set as I wanted the city night lights views but the rest made their way down already.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My phone unfortunately do not take great nocturnal pictures T_T and very slowly and very carefully descend as the path is slippery with erosion and Nasheta slipped quite a few times. My torch battery is also flat so used my phone’s flashlight which is very bright.  We met up with Shameema and Nasheta’s daughter on the gravel path with some other hikers coming down from the top of Lion’s head ‘stealing’ our light hehe

Daughter watching the sunset from outside the cave

I assumed that the others left for home already but they kindly waited on us 😀  We safely reached our cars at 21:15 and thanked Mountain and Safety for tracking us.

No caption needed

I honestly expected more people on the mountain considering that it’s so hot but was pleasantly surprised that we were the only ones at the Cave.  Looking up to the peak, there was very little torch lights.   I avoid Lion’s Head during the festive season as its way too full with queues going up and down so I guess the best times to do Lion’s Head is at night and when it’s not a full moon!


Thank you to those who joined me on such short notice and making for a very enjoyable hike 😀

Until my next hike, ciao for now and thank you for reading J

Litter I picked up along the way
Sunset hike to Wally’s Cave

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