Earthing Platteklip Gorge (solo)

“Throughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled, and slept on the ground – the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth.
And throughout time, such ordinary contact served as a conduit for transferring the Earth’s natural, gentle negative charge underfoot into the body. You see, we are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet.
Modern lifestyle has disconnected us from this primordial charge.
Earthing is the landmark discovery that the disconnect may make us more vulnerable to stress and illness. Contact with the Earth appears to uphold the electrical stability of our bodies and serve as a foundation for vitality and health. In an age of rampant chronic inflammation and disease, “grounding” ourselves by reconnecting with the Earth beneath our very feet provides a way back to better health.”

I did not know the above until I just googled it for my blog haha.

I’ve been wanting to do another solo Platties for a while now and when Anwar made it known that the club was to do Crystal Pools today, I decided then already, I’m doing Platties!

During the week and chatting to my friend Saeed, he put the idea into my head to walk barefoot on the mountain and I think that is actually a good idea! He says to get rid of the negative energy as I’ve been suffering from headaches whole week which worsened to full blown migraine! I’m doing Platties so I shall do it barefoot!  I’ve seen people hike barefoot and always use to think to myself that that is another level of crazy and didn’t think at the time that they are “Earthing” and actually have physiological benefits.  Also one of the best things about summer is that I can walk barefoot!  Who doesn’t love walking barefoot at the beach or on lushes lawns?!  As much as I love my stilettos and hiking boots, the first thing that I do when I get home is kick off my shoes.  I walk around barefoot in and around the house, to the neighbours and even our local corner shop but it never occurred to me before to hike barefoot.


Due to the current heat wave, I wanted to start at 5am and be down by 7am but after too little and restless sleep, I struggled to get up this morning and only checked in with Mountain Tracking and Safety at 05:20am with a 7:30am ETA.  It’s hot already.  With boots in my bag and 1.5l water I make my way up in the dark and can barely see the outline of the rocks and I’m not far behind 2 other ladies.  I was not out to achieve a new personal best so didn’t attempt to keep up or catch up with them and fortunately I could smell the doggy poo without seeing it and do not step innit!

predawn views

I take my first break on the contour path, sipping on water and taking photos and enjoying the predawn views of the city J

I eventually pass the two girls and think I’m actually doing well time-wise considering that I am barefoot and take breathers to calm down my heart rate and breathing, drink water and enjoy the views.  I see one other hiker ahead of me and wonder where the rest were as there was several cars at the parking lot when I got there…I’m nearly on top and a guy ask me if my name is Fatima so ask him, how does he know to which he replied that Nazeem from Tracking said that I’m up there.  Thanks for checking up on me Rodney!

I reach the top at 6:28am (1h10min not bad!) and let Mountain Safety and Tracking know and have a koesiester and half of my second bottle of water.  A hiker ask me to take photos of him and asked him to take of me 😛  and with two plastic packets strapped to either side of my bag, I make my way down at 6:41 letting Tracking know that my intended ETA remains the same.

NOW I SUFFER!  My feet is getting sore going down and because I’m picking up litter as well, my pace is very slow!  Each step down is eina on my feet L  but I am not about to abort my Earthing mission and put on my boots lol.  I was only going to do that when the rocks got too hot.

Several hikers going up asked me why I am barefoot, something happened to my shoes?  Tell them I’m barefoot by choice and my boots in my bag.  Many thanked me for picking up the litter and more people should do it.  We shouldn’t litter at all! One lady ask me if I did the Peace Trail because of the buff I’m wearing from WWF so said no, I won it because of picking up the litter from the mountain.  Oh yes!  Whilst getting to a really awkward position to get a bottle hidden in a bush, I hear what I thought my pants rip as it got snagged by a branch and I feel for a hole but do not feel anything so carry on.  My pants are wet with sweat and the next time I bend, my pants rip further each time!  Fortunately for me, it’s a baggy pants so the hole is not that apparent, I hope.



I get Achmat Jackson (AJ)  and ask another hiker to take a photo of us and tell her that AJ did Platteklip 30 times in 30 days for Abused Women and children and he is still so modest about it!  Embarrassed that I blurted it to others 😛  I then get a few members from Ommiedraai Hiking Club and chat to them a bit and Uncle Shahmieg takes a photo of my feet and hope he doesn’t upload the pic!  Or the close up of my face lolz.  Going down, I get more members and chat to them some more and then get Fareed Osman and chat to him and eventually get Saeed and scold him for putting the idea into my head!  Its 7:30 already and notify Tracking to extend my ETA to 8:15am. Then only, he tells me that I’m supposed to Earth for a week before Earthing the mountain!  I could slap him!  Told him he owes me a foot massage! I didn’t even take a pic of him lol The sun is scorching now and put on my cap and part ways with Saeed.

Ommiedraai Hiking Friends

Without any further stops (besides giving way for hikers going up still) I reach the car park and check out of Tracking at 8:20am.  It took me an hour and 40 minutes to come down!  I normally come down in 35-45 minutes lol but that is with shoes and without so many stops 😛  Never the less, today’s hike was not about timing but about Earthing!


First thing I did when I got home was put my poor feet in a bucket of Radox!  Shower could wait!  12 hours later and my feet are still sore and haven’t walked barefoot since.

Sore feet 😦

I will most definitely Earth Platties again but never again shall I go down barefoot!  It’s too excruciating.  I did enjoy going up though.  Also, no headache today so Earthing does really help and I feel wonderful!  Thank you Saeed for putting the idea into my head even though my feet hate me at the moment 😛

Until my next hike, ciao for now J


Earthing Platteklip Gorge (solo)

5 thoughts on “Earthing Platteklip Gorge (solo)

  1. Hey there well done with the barefoot thing I know its not easy if you not used to it. take your time and work up to it. Walking around barefoot at home is not the same as hiking. I avoid shoes as much as possible and I still have to be careful. You will find your feet will also get a bit tired as they are used to the support that shoes and boots offer. I did a little outdoor fun trip for myself, I must say by day 4 I was treading lightly. Check it out if you want.(4 days in 2min) I think its still on my blog but if not, its on you tube. Nothing fantastic just getting out and enjoying myself.
    Great Blog, looking forward to more. Dan

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