A Yucky Kloof Corner Ridge

Well for me that is but the others loved it of course and I was supposed to as well!  I thrive on the harder adrenalin filled hikes damnit!  I’ve hinted to do this hike for a while But I was feeling crappy from start to finish.

When I got to Anwar’s house this morning, I was so hot!  I had to lie down on his kitchen floor at the door so I could cool down and tell him in jest that I’m going through menopause and on our way to Kloof Corner, I was telling Anwar how crappy I’ve been feeling these past two weeks.   Headaches degrading to full blown migraines.  Dizzy spells, strength just draining from me at the office that I slumped down from my chair and just lied on the floor until my boss lady came in and had to buy me a chocolate so I could get some strength.

break at Kloof Corner

With the weather looking like rain, Anwar wanted to cancel Kloof Corner Ridge as it would be too slippery to go up the chains and told him don’t let me smack you.  Throw positive thoughts to the universe as it’s just misty and will rain tonight (which it is now thank God after our heatwaves)

First Chain

I thought I was going to be ok today.  Going up Kloof Corner to the contour path, I was ok but then I started feeling crappy and thought it was the humidity.  It was hot and overcast.  Up the first chain and I felt that I didn’t have much strength but I made it and that’s when the nausea and cramps started sigh.  I felt as though I was getting a tummy bug which has been going around.  I STRUGGLED!  I slumped down onto a rock whenever I got the chance and fortunately, Nadeema gave me a disprin and the cramps (more like spasms) subsided but the nausea remained and I STRUGGLED some more.

As it was overcast, we didn’t get the tranquil views of the ‘window’ so up we went to the second chain.  I didn’t feel that I could make it but kept this to myself as I was controlling my gag reflexes at this stage.  A few went up and it was my turn, I could not pull myself up!  I tried again but no.  Others went up after my failed attempts waiting for my strength to return.  Rashaad (due to his recovering shoulder) went up with the harness followed by Shaheen.

I attempted to throw up at this stage hoping I would feel better after but nothing came out sigh and I tried going up again.  Nope!  It was not meant to be. I tell Anwar that I can’t make it, I will wait for them at India Venster but he would hear nothing of it!  I try again but still can’t pull myself up and I slip down the chain and I wanted to cry as I’m not a quitter!  I’ve done hikes with an injured hip and knee but still enjoyed those hikes!   I did the 30km big walk with excruciating lower back pain but I finished the walk.  Thinking of quitting made me wana cry and the thought of quitting today was the same but I was putting my own life and that of my fellow hikers in danger.  I resolved to put on the harness and relied on those pulling me up and with their help; I made it to the top.  Thank you.  No sense of accomplishment from me.

I’m miserable and can’t even find solace in the views which would normally mesmerize me no matter how many times I see it sigh.  Off we go to the 3rd and last chain which is the easiest for me as it’s just a matter of shimmying up with no need for the chain (for me that is)  and its breakfast time.  I gained a lot of my strength back here (thank you healthy foods)  The faster hikers left with just Anwar, Rashaad, Peter, John, Shaheen and myself chilling some more and eventually make our way to India Venster.

happy 2nd chain is done

Rashaad was leading but when he wanted to go left, I go right so ended up in front swiftly make our way down.  With a deep breath, I go down the chain and thankfully, didn’t struggle but once down the staples, I was feeling weak again and got my foot stuck in an awkward position which John and Rashaad had to help me out of.  As we were ahead, we wait on the rest and I go lie on a rock and when I got up, my vision was blurry. Gawd can this hike get any worse for me!  It was as this moment that I added up all my symptoms and resolved that I would have to go on medication again.  Low iron levels and low blood pressure!

After another dizzy spell, I slow down my pace to the contour path.  As the rest didn’t want to go via Kloof Corner, we went straight down and I go down fast now as its monotonous steps.

City views from Contour Path

It’s another walk back along Tafelberg Road back to the cars at Kloof Nek Water Station and I’m relieved that the hike is over!!! Peter has some coldrinks and we make our way home but not before popping into the pharmacy for some meds.

Litter and refreshments lol

I’m sorry I was so miserable today and if I knew I was going to feel this way today, I would not have hiked.  I thank you for your patience and assistance.  I’m sorry I didn’t talk to our two new visitors but I just wasn’t up for being my normal friendly, bubbly self.  I’ve done Kloof Corner Ridge twice before without harness so can do it.  See my previous happier Kloof Corner Ridge Blog https://myhikingmylife.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/kloof-corner-ridge/

Until my next hike, ciao for now.  I’m going to lick my emotional wounds.

Litter grrrr!
A Yucky Kloof Corner Ridge

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