Devil’s Peak via Minor Peak

Today I picked up 3 bags of litter!  What is wrong with you litterbugs?!  Who do you think picks up the sweet/chocolate/chips wrapper you drop along the path?  Who do you think picks up the empty can/plastic bottle/wine bottle you hide in the bush?  The cigarette butts you leave behind and walk on?  The bottle tops, lollipop sticks, tissues, toilet paper and wet wipes????  WOOOOSSSAAAAAAHHHHH!

Ok I just had to get this out of my system 😛  Also my club’s name has changed to Hikers Paradise Adventure Club as we do rock-climbing and abseiling as well 😛

Today’s route was chosen due to the Cycle Tour with its road closures and 9 of us started at around 7am at Rhodes Memorial car park.  In my previous blogs, I refer to the faster group and the ‘stragglers’ (those who are in no hurry) but today we were one ‘the faster group’  hiking at their pace T_T Needless to say that after only 3.5hours sleep, I was broken on so many levels T_T.  Also because for the first time in months, I was hiking with the leaders lol.  Last week’s solo platties strengthened my thighs that much 😛

Anyway, we going up to the contour path I’m picking up litter (I normally pick it up going down) and they commend me for doing this and I’m like “uhm, I do this on every hike, you normally don’t notice as you forever in front not to see haha”  We only take a few  breaks waiting on the rest and I’m still with the leader going up the scrambles to the Old Fire Lookout.  We take a short break and I’m drinking piping hot coffee and only Anwar and Taahir wait on me and I’m now behind lol.  I’m also distracted with taking photos of the breathtaking views of my beautiful city but we all basically kept together.

We get to the section where I froze in my then acrophobia state and I smile how far I’ve come 😀  I also take a video of the sheer drop which I uploaded onto my Facebook page.  Onwards and upwards we go and the sun is really beating down on us now and I really did not expect this heat as in the week, rain was predicted for today and as a result, I didn’t freeze my water :/

It’s now up to Devil’s Peak (not the normal path everyone knows of course, with one more steep climb and another scramble and we are at a fork, not certain which way to go and I go straight as it is a path and unbeknownst to me, the rest went up.  I eventually realize I am alone and shout out for someone and Igsaan says I have to climb up so look for a path.  I do an awkward scramble and had to use my knees (which I shouldn’t) and have a nice bump on my shin now :/

Anwar, Taahir and myself chose to do a short scramble with the rest goes round the path and before heading up to the peak, Taahir and myself go down a bit to take photos of some King Proteas.

Its breakfast time and we try to find shady spots and feast of various delicacies and still piping hot coffee!  We can still hear the music blasting from the M3 (probably from the cycle tour water point) and after a few more view photos, we head down.

Panoramic view

I now strap my packet to my bag and don’t expect to pick up much litter on this route but do take 2 packets when I hike Platteklip or Lion’s Head (being the most popular routes in Cape Town, having the most litter)  Taahir and myself are now the sweepers as we are distracted by taking photos of the views of course and get Anwar and I ask him why is he at that certain spot as it doesn’t look right to me.  We were on the wrong path and take the wrong path down lol.  It’s barely a path which is steep down and I fell with my bottom onto a thorn bush T_T.  Those who are experienced with thorn bushes (also known as Hiker’s Friends x_x) will know that if it pricks you, you get a pimple like rash from the pricks and if water touches this ‘rash’, it itches!  I of course, ended up with an itchy bottom T_T

Anyway, we meet up with the rest of the group and as it’s a straight path, we are not really ‘motoring’  single file marching along until we get the fork where we normally go down (to the contour path below  Woodstock cave) and I’m in the mood for something different and tell them to go straight (thinking that we will end up the Old Fire Lookout but it turned out we were higher than that haha)  I don’t mind, it’s a path I haven’t done in years and when it was thick with mist the last time I did it so got to see new views 😀

I pass Magadien who is really struggling with sore knees (he is having an op on Tuesday/Wednesday and we pray for a successful op and swift recovery)  and as Taahir also went ahead, I felt I cannot leave Magadien to hike by himself even though he is a very capable hiker, anything can happen so slow down my pace and stay with him.  When we get to the Lookout, I see that Igsaan and Anwar is at the canons already.

Panoramic view

Anyway, just before the Blockhouse, I go down to pick up the bottles they wanted me to pick up at the start of the hike and tell them no, I don’t have space in my bag for more bottles and when I get there, it looks like a damn rubbish dump of empty plastic bottles of various sizes plus I glass whiskey bottle which burnt my fingers from the sun!  Fortunately, Magadien had a packet and I found another one and ended up with 3 bags!  Idiots!

When we reach the group, one of them asked if I went shopping at Pick n Pay and Elite as it looks like I went grocery shopping carrying these 3 bags which I have to admit, must have looked strange coming down the mountain.  I had to pose for photos x_x

Before heading down and just below the canon, there is another rubbish dump of cans and bottles and even a discarded disposable nappy (which is not recyclable FYI!) and as I didn’t have another bag, we left it -_-  so if someone, anyone!  Doing that path, please take a bag and gloves and pick up that litter?

stupid stupid 3 bags of litter

Anwar’s ETA in the Whatsapp Mountain Safety and Tracking group was 13:30 but we finished at 12 already.  That’s how fast we were!  My endorphins really got a work out and I’m happily broken lol

Until my next hike, ciao for now and thank you for reading J



Devil’s Peak via Minor Peak

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