Porcupine Ravine

We were supposed to do Cairn Ravine today but due to adverse weather conditions, we as a group decided against it and chose another route and after some more deliberations, Plan C route was chosen haha being Porcupine Ravine.

With several of our regular hikers having other commitments today, 8 of us started at Kloof Nek car park at 7am and made our way along the Pipe Track, with me ahead, hiking at last week’s pace haha.  We then passed the route we intended doing, passed the other route we planned on doing and then made our way up Diagonal.  The last time I went up this route was in December 2014 so it was a pleasant revisit J

John, his daughter and a friend was ahead, I was in the middle and the 4 rock-climbers were sweeping.  They can’t walk and talk at the same time ^_^   While waiting for them along the path, I see what looks like a light on the other side of the ravine but it can’t be a light???  John ask me why don’t I go look and see so tell him you don’t have to ask me twice.  It turned out to be a light!  O_O  why????????? (edit:  after some research, this device is a  Temperature and Humidity Logger)

Anyway, I stick to climbing the ravine instead of walking up the path and pass the Jubilee turnoff and I’m getting cold so put on my removable sleeves.  Oh yes!  It was raining along the pipe track so had my rain-jacket on but removed it when we started up Diagonal as I was getting too hot.

We have a coffee break at what I call The Pulpit as I can’t remember what that particular spot is called and we snack.  Further up we go and the wind is pumping and it’s cold!  This is when the cramps hit me!  Geez!  That was not pleasant.  I had really held up the group while I was crouching in pain and Peter gave me some pain meds.  When it at last subsided, further up we go but when we go to the top, I was hit by another wave of cramps and John and his posse went ahead as they understandably couldn’t wait around for me any longer. …I is sorry L

Finally!  The cramps are gone and I’m back to my old self and I’m still ahead of the sweepers hehe and it was decided that we are going down Platteklip instead of India Venster in case I’m hit by another wave of cramps and that can’t be good if it happens when we go down the chains.  I’m the only one who loves Platties ^_^  I then tell them, see you at the bottom haha  and down I go with my packet strapped to my side and pick up the litter *rolling my eyes* Even picked up a broken glass coke bottle sigh

There was a man with a whole bunch of girls (I think he was a teacher taking his students on a hike) which we got at top of Blinkwater already and we kept ‘playing tag’ all the way down Platties continually passing each other at breaks or when I went to scratch in the bush for bottles which hikers attempted to hide!  I found your glass beer bottle you ^*%$

I then wait at the contour fork as I didn’t know if we were going to go straight down to Tafelberg road or along the contour to the Lower cable station or to Kloof Nek so waited, and waited, and waited some more!  45 Minutes later the sweepers caught up with me *rolling my eyes*

Anyway, we took the contour path to the lower cable station and I’m mostly alone (because the sweepers can’t walk and talk at the same time) ^_^ and see another glass bottle (this time Hunters) and I very carefully climb down to get this -_-  The next plastic bottle I see down the path, William was kind enough to go get it ^_^  The bag is filled to capacity and its getting heavy and repeatedly had to alternate my arms as it was getting lame. It may not be that heavy if you are just taking a walk but try doing that going down a mountain!

stupid litter!

Peter ran ahead and when I got him at the Cable station, he promptly took a photo of me ^_^  and then proceeded to buy us ice-cream which was greatly appreciated as it was around 3pm and we didn’t have lunch…nor did we break for a proper breakfast feast like we normally do so I was starving!  We raided Shaheen’s Tupperware of healthy snacks!

With another walk still to Kloof Nek where our cars were parked, I didn’t bother checking the time as I was cramping again but didn’t let the others know 😛  After going for coffee, Anwar eventually dropped me off at home shortly after 5pm.

It’s now 21:17 and I’m not even tired considering that we had such a long day.  I love long hikes 😀

Until my next hike, ciao for now and thank you for reading J

I uploaded this photo on Instagram  andI love Cape Town shared it on Facebook which received over 2000 likes and over 500 shares 😀



Porcupine Ravine

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