My Maiden Trail Run!

As a hiker, I could never understand passing Trail Runners.  Why would you want to run on the mountain and not enjoy your surroundings!  Taking it all in and just being.  Also!  Trail running is so much more dangerous than hiking I think as one slip on a loose stone and bam!  Broken ankle as they don’t have ankle support (or worse)

Trail running has never appealed to me.

Until, after the Blinkwater Rescue which I mentioned in my blog about my volunteering stint for the Ultra Trail run, I said ‘Watch this space, I may give Trail Running a try’  I wanted to know what drives them.

photocred to Nazeem Karriem which I downloaded from Facebook ^_^

So with the Easter long weekend, I basically vegged out on Friday, Saturday I marshaled for the 2 Oceans, yesterday I did a Solo Platties so today I could attempt Trail Running 😀  which I mentioned to my friend Saeed so he said he could perhaps join me.  I told him that I would probably bail on that idea so he was to be my motivation and inspiration lol.  I also told him not to take no for an answer as I would think up every excuse not to go!  Especially since we went to Peter’s surprise birthday party last night and I danced with sore feet!

So anyway, on the drive to Lion’s Head, I tell him that if it wasn’t for him, I probably would have bailed because my feet are sore!

We parked at the Sanparks office (Oh yes he is a Sanparks Volunteer Ranger so have these kind of perks 😛 ) and started up the trail before the hut and told him we need to stretch first.  Oh yes, he use to do trail and road running but not for a loooonnnngggg time so we are both unfit for this lol.  I checked in with Mountain Tracking and Safety before 8am with an ETA of 9am, Circular route around Lion’s Head.

I tell him can’t we rather just walk instead of running but in the same breath I tell him that I’m just kidding. I came to run not to walk lol.  I’m pacing us and think I do not like this at all!  My thighs are protesting!  What was I thinking to do my first trail run day after a solo barefoot Platteklip!   Fortunately!  He tells me when to stop running and walk.  Oh!  That’s right!  That’s how you start out running!  Run/walk, run/walk haha!  I like this!  I also tell him to remind me that this is a run not a hike so don’t have to take photos of everything lol

Me on the Cannon

Just after the cannons is a slight incline and I groan as I have to run up that x_x  It was hard but I did it!  Also, my thighs are warmed up now so could do that short incline without stopping but I was out of breath.  It was run a little walk a little, struggle A LOT up the slight inclines and Saeed is struggling more than me which made me feel good about myself.  Only earlier he told me that he didn’t have breakfast so his sugar levels were dangerously low!

break view

We did sit down for a while and just enjoyed the views and chatting about nothing specific.  I tell him that I can now understand trail runners a bit.  Besides the cardio endorphin, you can’t think of anything else but your next step as to not injure yourself.  It takes a lot of concentration which is an excellent way to block out everything I think.

It wasn’t my intention to pick up litter but I couldn’t leave an empty 1.5l water bottle just lying there so ran/walked the rest of the way with bottle in my hand lol

Waiting for Saeed

We made our way up to the contour path and as there were lots of human traffic, I couldn’t run from there which would’ve have been so much easier downhill!

I then make a detour up to a shallow cave (not even a cave) and we sit there for a bit as well and enjoy the views once more.

break view of 12 Apostles

The first chance I got, I start running again until the few steps down and felt the impact on my knees so walked down rather.  On the gravel path, I start running/walking for a bit but then stopped completely as I could feel the impact on my shins and felt that one wrong move and my tibia could splinter so that’s the end of running so walked the rest of the way down.  We get Mark just about to go up to Wally’s Cave and chat with him for a bit and he is training for the K-Way challenge as well J  Good luck you guys!

We get to the ‘Trail running’ path again and Saeed says to run again and I did for a bit but as I felt the impact on my shins again I say sorry, I’m done now, I’m not going to risk injuring my most important limbs as I need them for hiking haha he then says to take off our shoes to earth it out a bit and oh my goodness!  My sore tender feet did not like that one bit!

A thingie in the forest

We are done and I check out of Tracking but see a path to the left and ask him if we could explore a bit as I’ve never been that side and I’m quite the curious one.  We go up and down the sheer steep unused path and I’m thinking we will end up at the other route up Lion’s Head but we didn’t so just sat and chatted a while on top of a sheer drop watching the cyclists, motorists and runners in “The Glenn’

It’s back to the cars and make our way home but not before going for a Mocha at Truth!

Favourites!  Truth coffee and mountain!

A quite enjoyed that.  I think I will alternate my solo hikes with trail running 😀

I’m not hiking next week as my nephew is getting married so until my next hike, ciao for now and thank you for reading!


My Maiden Trail Run!

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