Not just another solo Barefoot Platteklip

I was supposed to take the group on an easy hike yesterday but due to the storm the previous night (and because no-one confirmed that they will be joining me) I cancelled the hike.  The storm freaked me out that I didn’t want to risk doing a Solo Platties so asked the usual suspects if they were hiking and they said no.  Sigh I would have to do Belle Ombre with the club and that is my least favourite route.

I was relieved to wake up to rain but no wind so thought yay!  I can do a barefoot Platties in the rain 😀  So with an extra prayer for my safety and for God to watch over me, I put on my rain-jacket and rain-cover before I left the house and the skies were clearing.

Where is everyone?!

Driving along Tafelberg Road, there is very little cars O_o  I get to Platties and there is only 1 car!  I’m like u-oh!  As I’m checking into Mountain Tracking & Safety another car pulls up and I’m relieved but when I get out the car, she left as well :/ Also notified them that there was a bit of rockfall in the road just before the parking (mostly likely from the overnight storm) and when I got back, someone cleared the worst from the road, thank you whoever you are!

view of the Lion 

Anyway, I reminded myself that I made an extra prayer this morning so should have faith in my prayer and I start at 7am with an ETA of 9am and that I would update the trackers when I’m on top.   The first thing I noticed is the Waterfall which was dry last week but in full force today ^_^  I got to walk barefoot in the stream as well which was cold!  Soon I could no longer feel my toes lol.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls – lies! go chase it!

I must admit that I was quite fearful being alone on the mountain even though many a times I wish I had the mountain to myself but I’m paranoid about being mugged, or worse L  So do not enjoy the first stretch up to the contour path and take my first breather.  I am doing well pace wise (had an early night as I Marshalled at the 2 Oceans Marathon the day before so quite rested) but as I am in a constant state of awareness of my surroundings and continuously checking if there are others coming up or down, it does slow me down.

cold, oh so very cold!

As I am alone, I decided to check in at the halfway mark notifying them that I am alone, that I have my rain-jacket on, that I am barefoot and that my boots are in my bag and that it’s going to rain soon but it doesn’t.

I get into the thick mist and it gets darker and more ominous.  Each foreign sound makes my heart race even faster than it already was and water dripping onto the rocks is not making it easier on my nerves.  I assumed there was a tahr close by as well but couldn’t see anything.  I’m hoping there wasn’t a hungry caracal in the area either and again remind myself of my extra prayer for my safety!

horror movie in the making

I knocked my big toe but didn’t feel any pain as my toes were that numb from the cold lol and disappointed at the same time that I didn’t get to hike barefoot in the rain but did get to walk in streams 🙂

breakfast for 1

I eventually reached the peak and check in just before 8:15am and I see a message from someone in the group and I am grateful for her message which made me feel slightly more at ease and not so alone.

Thank you Lynn!  You have no idea how much I appreciated your message!

I have some water, coffee, raisins and a koesiester and put on my boots and notify tracking that my ETA remains the same but will be taking it slow as the rocks are wet and slippery.  As I get up, the first step I take, I feel a kink in my knee so was forced to take it easy anyway.   It wouldn’t bode me well if I fall and injure myself as help is faaaarrrrr away.  The cable car is closed and I am in thick mist plus the gusts of winds were quite strong.  I do a mental check of what I have in my bag should anything happen.  I left my survival bag at home.  I have my space blanket to keep warm plus extra jacket so won’t get cold.  I don’t have emergency rations so the little raisins and water I have left will have to do….and just then!  (no I did not fall lolz) but I do see someone coming up!  Not only that!  It’s someone I know and almost shout that I am so happy to see AJ!  After a short chat and photos we part ways J

I’m happy now and in my excitement I forget to take it slow, I slip and fall on my caboose!  Fortunately, the impact wasn’t my on my coccyx but unfortunately I broke my fall with my hand and felt the impact on my wrist.  I must be the most minor accident prone hiker out there!

Anyway, I’m at the halfway mark again and update Tracking that I’m still alone but not far down I see a group of 2 guys and 2 gals so felt a bit safe and they asked how far still so told them that they not even at the halfway mark yet.  Not long after a group of 4 scary looking strong guys but fortunately, they ignored me.  I don’t know why but I actually counted the amount of people (25) going up which were mostly tourists who also asked me how far still and tell them too, not even halfway yet to which they replied, ‘why did you have to say that’ and I said, I’m sorry I’m an honest hiker haha

I see this footprint and think that someone else was also Earthing until I realised its my own lol

With much relief! I check out of Mountain Tracking at 9:15am.  Oh yes!  I forgot to take a packet for the litter so only picked up as much as I could carry in my pocket and didn’t reach into any bushes to get the bottles and cans.

stupid litter

This was yesterday’s hike, I’m going to start writing about my Maiden Trail Run I did today ^_^ and once again, thank you for reading J

the Gorge!
Not just another solo Barefoot Platteklip

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