Midweek After Hours Rock-climb

On the last Full Moon hike, Anwar’s (our club president) hiking bag was stolen out of his car at Lion’s Head L  So Shaheen created a WhatsApp Group “Let’s help get Anwar a Bag” and funds were collected within the club and give it to him as a group.  Long story short, we gave it to him last night J

Beautiful Quarry with Lion’s Head peaking

HPAC rock-climbers, climb twice a week I think and I was invited along despite not having any gear of my own and I would use theirs 😛  Shaheen planned everything.  Climbers to climb Higgovale, the Saturday social group and others to meet at a pizza place after the climb (which name I can’t recall now haha).

By the time Shaheen picked me up from work shortly after 5pm, she wasn’t sure who was coming or not.  Yes, sometimes solving a Rubik’s cube is easier than planning a group event lol

Quarry views

Anyway, it’s just Shaheen, Peter and myself at the quarry and I am in awe!  I have never been there before and it’s stunning!  Of course I had to take loads of photos 😀

While Peter and Shaheen is setting up, I go explore and watch other climbers do their thang.   They were doing a 29 graded climb and I was like WTH?!  O_O  how you do dat?!

Anyway, as Peter is leading and Shaheen belaying we are joined by Rashaad and it’s really cold and windy in the quarry with no sight of Anwar.  Rashaad sets up another route from the top and Peter is done so I’m next.  As Peter has belayed me before and as I am a big girl, I asked Peter to belay me again (no offence Shaheen!)

Climbers getting ready to climb

After checks and stuff, I’m climbing and actually forgot how technical this is!  I’ve done a 14 & 15 climb before and now a 16 and I am doing well (with shaking legs and all) BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s time for the sheer climb and ready to give up.  I did tell them they can set up any climb and I will only go up as far as I could go and I have climbed as far as I could go!  Told them several times that I can’t any further as there are no secure toe or finger holds! When my toes were secure, my fingers weren’t and I was struggling!  They had no mercy on me though.  They were determined that I was going to finish the climb right to the top and I had no aspirations to get to the top!  I climbed as far as I could go and repeatedly told them I can’t and Peter would hear nothing of quitting!   I didn’t give up without attempting several times though and its getting dark already. Anwar eventually arrives and I complain to him but he would hear nothing either! He calmly directs me as well but I can’t damnit!   T_T LET ME DOWN!!!!!  Even the other climbers were trying to encourage me but it’s only my second climb damnit!  I don’t need to do this!

Eventually!  I found a way to climb up further with a loud ‘porn star’ like moan in exertion which echoed in the quarry and didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the climbers sigh

I CLIMBED TO THE TOP!!!!! I didn’t let them know that I actually felt a sense of accomplishment and grateful to them for pushing me beyond my self-perceived limits.  Instead, I told them repeatedly ‘I hate you’ for doing that to me!  My forearms were burning!  The tips of my fingertips were throbbing but I did it 😀  Still hate you guys though \o/  but I love you for not giving up on me, thank you!

It’s dark now and Rashaad had to climb with his headlight on. Shaheen opted not to climb in the dark so told them that if they let me down when I wanted to, everyone could have climbed.  But Shukran Shaheen for sacrificing your climb so that I could finish mine.  Shows how generous you are and I love you for it.

Pizza time and only Willam joins us and we hand over the cash to Anwar and with grateful tears in his eyes, he is speechless!  😀  It was only after that he sent us a WhatsApp message with his thanks lol.

It’s when a group of people does something so unexpected for you that you realise how much you mean to them and that’s what you mean to us Anwar.  You have taken us places we have never been before or even thought of to go.  You have pushed us beyond what we thought we were capable of.  With so much going on in your life, you are still committed to our wants and needs as well.  We love you and thank you for being the man and club chairman that you are to the Sunday ‘extreme hike’ adventure group, the Saturday easy social hike group and the newly formed, rock-climbing group.  Thank you!

Anwar in tears and speechless

PS – still hate you guys lol

Until my next hike, ciao for now and thank you for reading J


PPPS – Rashaad took pics of me climbing but hasn’t sent it to me at the time I published this blog (which I may add upon receipt – depending how I look innit of course)

PPPPS – just kidding!


PPPPPS – I forgot to mention the piece of art I couldn’t help but gawk at in admiration!  I wonder if he knew I was staring at him all the time 😛

ok bye!






Midweek After Hours Rock-climb

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