A Road Run, a Hike and a Trail Run

No, not on the same day!  Yesterday I did a road run and today I hiked Wally’s Cave and after, a Trail run.

My life revolves around my kids and as such, I loathe for them to interfere with my Sunday hiking as this is my ‘me time’  As my daughter is a Young Biologist Volunteer at the Aquarium and in order to Graduate with her certificate later this month, she needed 55 hours.  She needed 3 hours to clock 300 so told her ok she can volunteer today.

Yesterday was the Aquarium’s AGM so I had 5 hours to spare and decided to go for a run.  Normally I would walk from the Waterfront to Saunders Rock and back but as I had time, I decided to Run/jog/walk to Camp’s Bay and back.

View of Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain peaking just behind Signal Hill and Lion’s Head

Now I’m not a runner.  I said that I will never run.  If you see me running, call the police because I am running away from someone lol but I also like to challenge myself.

Most shops only open up at 9am on a Sunday so I had to hunt for a coffee shop so ended up double-backing to Origin.  Their coffee is delicious!  After 750ml water and a cup of coffee I start my run around 8:30am and it’s hot already.

I don’t know if there was a race or people training but I had to give way to some runners and I thought of stopping at their water points but didn’t haha.  There is A LOT of people running/jogging/walking along the promenade with many wearing their 2 Oceans (OMTOM) ‘Run as One’ sweaters and glad I didn’t wear mine haha.

I run a little, walk a little (ok maybe a lot) and quench my thirst at the first fountain.  I get a friend and have a chat with her for a bit.  I continue and drank more water at the second fountain and I’m doing well for a first timer 😛  I contemplated turning around at Saunders Rock but as I had time, I carried on and decided that I’m going to attempt Biskop Steps.  ‘Really Fatima? You want to attempt Biskop steps after your first run?!’.  ‘Well yes, why not?’.  ‘Well ok then, you are sucker for torture so go right ahead!’ So I did!

Biskop steps

As a hiker, I have strong thighs so made it up those 300 steps without having to take a breather \o/ yay me!  But I was huffing and puffing like you wouldn’t believe and my legs were shaking lol.  There was a guy doing ‘leg day’ up and down and another woman Earthing up and down 😀

Anyway its back to the road and with Camps Bay in sight, I am so thirsty!  I couldn’t get there quick enough and notice AMS (Air Mercy Services) busy with training so that kept me distracted from my thirst.  The plan was to go to PnP to buy me water but fortunately there was a woman selling refreshments and she didn’t charge tourist prices!

Camps Bay

I asked an elderly couple to take photos of me on the throne and then plopped myself down on the beach in the shade and sat down for a breather!  After a couple of photos it was time to go back and I’m really tired so walked most of the way back but I did jog at times as well.  I now felt the impact on my knee and my hamstrings were protesting and with my face, facing the sun now it was HOT!!! I thought about making detour up Biskop steps again but thought nah, my knee.  I need them for hiking and no use pushing it 😛

I only stopped at the water fountains and the ladies to wash my face and was back at the Watefront for lunch at 12pm

Brunch at La Playa

So today was the Easy hike day and set the time for only 8:15 for 8:30 as my daughter had to be at the Aquarium at 8am.  No-one in the group confirmed and as it was too late and too hot to do a solo Platties, I still opted to do Lion’s Head with a trail run.  A friend wants to get back into hiking so she confirmed with another adult and 5 kids but only 2 adults pitched with the rest over-sleeping haha.

group photo (obvi)

I was fortunate enough to get a parking at the hut after driving all the way up to the Kramat and turned around meaning to park closer to the SanParks office and Nazeema was fortunate enough to get a parking at the hut as well so at 8:30am I checked in with Tracking with an ETA of 10:30am.  As the friend is recovering from an injury, she has to take it slow and I started with her but as the kids were way ahead, I opted to keep up with them instead waiting for Nazeema and her friend at certain points.  The kids of course did very well.

waiting for the adults

We got to the cave shortly after 9am and Nazeema’s bag is packed with food! Various individually wrapped sandwiches and the kids’ bags were filled with chips, sweets and biscuits lol.  And me of course with koesiesters J

There was a group of young adults wanting a group photo and Nazeema’s friend offered to take it so I said let me do it as I know where to get the best shots from 😛  They were quite impressed and couldn’t thank us enough for how cool it looked haha.

After our group and individual photos shortly before 10am, it was time to make our way down.  We checked out of Tracking at 10:25.

Went to the car and changed out of my hiking boots and put on my takkies, changed my hiking bag to my moon bag and drank 500ml water.  I thought of running with my water bottle but thought nah!

Check in with tracking again at 10:30am, 1 pax, circular route Lions Head ETA 11:30am.

View of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak from cannons

I ran walked at my own pace and when I got to the cannons, I answered the call of nature which was my only break.  I jogged/walked all the way and could really feel my hamstrings and fortunately not so much on my knees BUT it was really HOT and regretted not taking my water L  My throat is so dry and all my huffing and puffing is not doing me any good.  I walked the inclines and jogged the flat bits and I wanted to cry in relief when I got to the shady side of the mountain.

Signal Hill

When I got to the main path again, I jogged all the way down and started to feel nauseous.  I’m wondering if I’m dehydrated but carry on as I’m nearly at the cars.  If I throw up, I will stop and walk down.

I check out at 11:05 and made a very good time I think considering the factors.  The heat, thirst and first run yesterday.  I assume that was about 20km as the Blisters for Bread walk back in the day was from the Stadium to Camps Bay and back J

View of 12 Apostles

I still had 30 minutes before I had to pick up my daughter so sat in front of the car with the mountain as my view.  Chatting to a friend I asked him if nausea is a symptom of dehydration or even heat-stroke so he said nah, I ate too little but after drinking 500ml water, I was fine again.

View from Lion’s Head parking lot

After sitting in the car for about an hour and getting out, I am now waddling like a penguin!  I am so not wearing heels to work tomorrow 😀

Hoping to do a nice scramble route as it’s been a while J  so until my next hike, ciao for now and thank you for reading.

A Road Run, a Hike and a Trail Run

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