MCSA – Mountain Search & Rescue Induction Training Hike

I meant to mention this in my Orangekloof Blog but after felt that it needed a post on its own so here goes.

As still what I consider a fledgling club (HPAC – under 3 years old) it is important not to remain stagnant and as such, our members that belonged to Mountain Search & Rescue, made the decision to move over to Mountain Club South Africa.  MCSA offers training every last Tuesday of the month which includes technical training.  As I’ve assisted with Rescues in the past, Anwar decided that this move is an excellent opportunity for me to return to Mountain Search & Rescue.

So last week Monday, after work. MCSA – Rescue had an induction hike on Lion’s Head and I unfortunately could not make it to the Technical Training the following day – single mom of 2 kids so they understand that everyone cannot always be available, hence the regular training sessions.

Photo Cred: Shaheen

Anyway, after signing the attendance register, I don’t know how many of us made our way up Lion’s Head and round and round we go chatting and getting to know each other at an insane pace!  The ice-breaker question being ‘So what do you do when you are not hiking?’  My response ‘Thinking about hiking or blogging about hiking haha’  (Not that my readers care but I am a PA working for NFB Private Wealth Management)

Oh yes! We started shortly after sunset and I had to remind myself that this is training and not to take any photos!  Besides, you need to keep up with them!  Which I did hey, despite doing a 6 hour Silverstream hike the day before, worked an 8 hour day plus walked from CTICC (close enough) to De Waal Park after work! So my legs were tired!  At one stage I said ‘I’m sorry, I can’t talk anymore, I need to breath lol’.  That’s how much I was huffing and puffing!

Photo Cred: Shaheen

We turned up somewhere on Lion’s Head lolz.  As it was dark, I don’t know where but they call it the Climber’s Path?  This route has quite a few scrambles and we did this in the dark!  Just with headlamps! \o/  It was shine headlamp up to see where your hands go and then shine down to see where your feet go!  That was fun!


We got to listen to the senior members discussing procedures and previous rescues and that MCSA is 125 years old this year!  They have over 1000 members in the Cape Town area alone! We were questioned about this and that – I think, testing our knowledge and were somewhere on top of Wally’s Cave and then felt the gusts of strong winds!  We climbed some more until we ended up by the ladders and made our way down the ‘safe’ route.  Then down the chains en route to Wally’s cave but of course we did not go to the cave but headed straight down.  Oh yes!  I did get to take photos whenever we regrouped hehe.


We had our debrief with most members heading off for some pizza but we were tired and had kids to get home to.

I think we will fit in well with MCSA – Rescue and looking forward to learning so much more from them!  I do hope that I can make it to their next training session.

Thank you MCSA – Rescue for having us as part of your team J

Amazing that I can’t recall what I had for lunch yesterday but I can remember a hike I did just over a week ago lolz.






MCSA – Mountain Search & Rescue Induction Training Hike

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