Hout Bay Corner

So today I took a spectacular nose-dive to the ground!  I was running for the bush and didn’t see the wire I tripped over and BAM!  My body met the ground lolz with my phone in my hand which has a pretty cracked web lolz lucky it’s the screen cover 😛

Anyway, 12 of us started from Suikerbossie at 7:30am and made our way up Llandudno at a relatively fast pace.  Despite having a gazillion photos up this route, one cannot help but stop and take photos of the breathtakingly awesome views.

Little Lion’s Head with the moon setting to the right

I passed everyone going up (except Igsaan – nicknamed Speedy Gonzales) and had our first break at the lookout where they had group photos but I was too busy taking panoramic photos hehe.

Panoramic View

All is well as we made our way up our first scramble but Afsana  (Peter’s girlfriend) struggles up each scramble as her legs are not as long as ours.  Lucinda (new girl) struggles as well as this is a first scramble.  Julie (pronounced with a Belgian accent) [also new girl] is doing very well. Lucinda and Julie came with Hayley who I haven’t seen on the mountain since Blinkwater (Rescue hike, not the one we redid recently)  She’s hiked with the club since then but when I wasn’t haha.

First Scramble

It’s now time for the awkward scramble and struggling as my wrist is hurting and I needed John’s help.  I really need to give my wrist a break from scrambles which I’m going to do during the month of Ranadaan (month long break from hiking).  When I passed over him for another awkward scramble, I got myself in such a position that I said out loud  – to myself (not knowing that the others would hear me) ‘WTF am I doing’ They off course laughed.  The rest makes their way up with Lucinda and Afsana needing the rope and harness.  Luke made his own way up and around haha.

John assisting Lucinda with Anwar helping below her…the rest at various stages of climbing

A traverse and another longer awesome scramble ensue and not convinced that this is a C2 graded route. Felt more like a B.  Nursery Buttress has a more exposed climb.  Another guided awkward scramble and we have breakfast.

Second Scramble

I don’t know what that spot is called but we could see Judas Peak from there.  Probably  Hout Bay Corner Peak hehe.  We had fabulous breakfast views 😀

Breakfast Panoramic View

Speedy Gonzales parted us and shortly after more photos,

we make our way to Llandudno Ravine but Anwar decided that we are going to gown Llandudno Buttress O_O Who goes down a Buttress O_O Anyway the first part is easy peasy and I’m like oh, here’s the waterfall.  A short traverse and we are climbing down a section and look down a looooongggg drop! I’m like “bloody hell Anwar!  He says, oh come on, the Saturday easy group did this.  Yes but they went up and don’t have to look down but we have to!’

We safely on the normal path and the pace is too slow for me so hurry along at my own pace until the lookout again and sitting there I see 2 pretty dogs (the breed I cannot name as I am a cat person) comes traversing on some lower path.  I don’t see their owners in sight and I call them.  They ignore me.   They are probably taught not to talk to strangers hehe.  They go down the path but come up again and Dane and myself offer them water which they didn’t want.  Probably taught not to drink from strangers either haha.  When a third dog of the same breed came up and we offer that one water, he/she drinks it from Dane’s cupped hands so the other 2 greedily drinks from her hand haha.  Their owner comes along and said that he does carry water for them and takes out a 4l bottle! O_O  This veteran hiker carries a 4l bottle of water in his backpack with a water bowl ^_^

Pretty doggies

When the rest of the group catches up, I go down at my own pace saying that I will see them at the cars.  Going down, I hear constant whistling and as I see no-one else about, I’m starting to think it’s a bird?  In the foresty area, I see a trail runner with the same breed of dogs as the veteran hiker and I see him take a nose-dive and I giggle to myself lolz

Not much litter to pick up on the route thank goodness and I safely reach the cars at 11:45am and wait.  Anwar checks out of Tracking at 12pm and another hiker comes down stating that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.  His dog is lost.  I asked him if he was the one who was whistling and he said yes.  It was suggested that he takes his other dog to sniff out the lost one.

Was a great hike!  Thank you John for suggesting and leading this new route to us which we will do again and again!

It was then decided to have lunch at Hout Bay Market and as I couldn’t decide what limited option I wanted, I opted to have lunch at home instead.  I made Gratine last night for Sunday lunch but Anwar did buy me a Machiatto (sorry Anwar but it was quite weak ^_^ )

Lunch at Hout Bay Market

When walking around the Art Market?  (I forgot what its called) and we see the man who lost his dog and he said that he found him/her.

All’s well that ends well J

Shorter blog today but it was a shorter hike hehe.

Cloud Theater 

Thank you for reading.  Until my next hike, ciao for now J




Hout Bay Corner

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