Pimple Traverse III

Lactic Acid, Lactic Acid, Lactic Acid!  Welcome back my old frenemy!  Well this is what happens when you don’t hike for a month and do a hike like Pimple Traverse hehe.

Eid day, I popped in by Mr Chairman and he said then already that we are doing Pimple Traverse and I was like YAY!  Not too hard getting back into hiking after a month long break and I was standing in front of Mr Chairman’s door at 7am.  I messaged and phoned him every 5 minutes but no response from him.  My son had to fetch me again, had drop him at home and then drive all by my lonesome to Suikerbossie O_o Nevertheless, the group only had to wait 5 minutes for me and another 5 when nature called haha.  It’s a long drive – don’t judge me.


Anyway, only 6 of started at 7:55am and we made our way up to Llandudno Ravine and the hues in sky as the sun was raising was phenomenal.  Initially, we (Shaheen and myself) tried to keep up with the guys but then she said nah, we don’t have to and their pace is gruelling. I could barely breathe lol and so we slowed down at an enjoyable pace and to take a gazillion photos each of course 😀

The guys were very good at waiting for us at various points – thank you guys 😀  but they have so much confidence in our abilities that they don’t actually wait around to assist us lolz.  Uhm thanks for the confidence guys!

The mountain seems to think that spring is near as there are quite an abundance of colourful flowers scattered about already and we are in the midst of winter!   Not only that, it was 30 °C yesterday (Sunday) so easy to confuse our seasons in Cape Town.

The streams were dry the last time we were this side of the mountain but today we had to walk through the water and got to take a video and photos of the waterfall J  We carefully turn off at the wet and slippery section at the staples and make our way up the short yet steep section before the traverse starts and the men chat about what ever men chat about and Shaheen and myself chat about what women chat about hehe

13658980_10153572387076507_6557203364020193005_n (1)

We stop at the usual spot for photos of the views and the bundu-bashing of the traverse starts and we take in the various sights and smells trying not to get ourselves whacked by branches.  I still have my scars from Grotto Fountain/Cairn Traverse.


Just a quick break at the overhang where we normally have breakfast but Igsaan (hike leader) said nah, we going to have breakfast on top.  This time I remembered that the path is down past the tree!  Do not traverse yet as we have done twice before (as Nardus has done yesterday hehe)

We nearly get soaked under another waterfall which was actually refreshing in the heat with this section being the most dangerous I think as its wet and slippery but we all safely make it across.  More traversing until we reach Victoria Gully and OMG!  This is where I struggle.  Its huffing and puffing and nose sniffling.  When we eventually got to the top, I said I used all my 9 lives going up that Gully.


We finally have breakfast and got to soak up some rays as well.  It’s here when I stood up that I could feel the lactic acid in my glutes and thighs.  This only happens later but here I’m feeling it on the hike already!  Even my calves are protesting today and waddling like a penguin but that could also be that Sunday afternoon I took a barefoot walk on the beach and along the promenade and then a walk up and down the main road looking for supper.

Anyway, we make our way down and surprise surprise!  Igsaan is actually sticking with the group hehe. I also managed to knock my knee quite hard against a protruding knock.  I’m still into collecting bruises :/  Shaheen and I get distracted again so off Igsaan and Shamiel went, leaving Rashaad alone to wait on us hehe.   Some photos of the couple and off we go with Rashaad waiting on us again haha.


We check out of Tracking at 12:55.  How’s that for timing.  Exactly 5 hours of fantastic hikingJ


PS- photo cred to Shaheen on probably most of the photos attached hehe

Pimple Traverse III

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