I Survived The World’s Strongest Coffee

I am currently high.  High on caffeine that is.  It’s been an hour since I had my first cup of #blackinsomnia.  (Current time 8:30am) The strongest coffee in the world!  Stronger than #Deathwish.  They even have lab results to prove it.

Lab Results

(Why am I using hashtags in my blog?)  Why am I blogging about this in my blog about hiking?  Well, this coffee has taken me to new heights!  \o/

I’ve stopped sweating.  Not sure if it was because of my brisk walk from Haas Collective in Buitenkant to Walter Sisulu (in under 15 minutes mind you) or elevated blood pressure from the caffeine kick (or both).  I may or may not get a migraine, only time will tell and my concentration levels are everywhere!

As I have work to attend to, I’m writing this blog between tasks and not everything is written in real time.


When the 9gag meme was making the rounds about Death Wish Coffee, I had to have it!  I scoured the internet to find a place in Cape Town and discovered that Haas Collective sells it ^_^.  They also sell Kopi Luwak btw (not sure if it’s still in stock as Death Wish has been out of stock for a while now) I haven’t plucked up the courage to pay R90+ for a cup of coffee yet although I was planning to with my end of year bonus lol.  I paid R55 for a cup of Death Wish and posted the following on Instagram.


As it was in the middle of summer, I wasn’t drinking that much coffee (about 3-4 cups a day) and disappointingly crashed by 1pm.  So much for not sleeping for 3 days ^_o and now being in middle of winter, I drink about 8 cups a day (I don’t actually keep count)

When Sean Kirstafor launched Black Insomnia, I could only follow his social media accounts with longing as it was only available online and I wasn’t prepared to purchase a bag without tasting it first.  Then he had a stall at the Watershed in the Watefront (it’s within walking distance from where I work but not enough time before work :/) Lunch was too late in the day O_O

Then Shift Espresso Bar in Green Point and that’s still too far T_T  UNTIL! Yesterday, I saw in social media that he’s stocking it at Haas!  ^_^  happy days!

I get to Haas about 7:20am and meet Sean outside setting up the Black Insomnia banner and in I go.  I must admit that I was a bit nervous as I remember what Death Wish did to me and here I’m about to have something even stronger.  Is it a good idea to have this on an empty stomach?  I shared these exact thoughts with the lady behind the counter over friendly banter J  R30 for an espresso which is so cheap considering that Death Wish was almost double the price but that is because it was imported.


I was the first Black Insomnia customer and when she opened that first bag and we got to breath in that fresh coffee bean scent *shiver*!  We both sighed in delicious pleasure *dreamy face*

They offer Black Insomnia in Cappuccino and Espresso style.  At first I said Cappuccino but then thought ‘don’t be a wuss! You want the full experience!’ and change my order to Espresso and have a seat as I wait for my beans to be ground.

Am I ready she asks, ‘Not before I take a photo off course’ I reply 😀


First sip and its surprisingly delicious!  I expected the flavours to be rather pungent considering the strength and all. It’s rich without being overpowering and smoky and tasty!  It was like eating my favourite dark Lindt Excellence slab.  I tried to savour the taste as long as possible and mentally congratulate Sean for creating this excellent coffee range which has now become my favourite coffee brand, kicking Truth Coffeecult to second place.  I gotsta get me a bag!

9:20am and I’m drinking boiled water (which is still better than tea).  Can’t chance having more coffee for the morning lol (I had my first cup before leaving home).  No longer buzzing so coming down from my initial high and thinking more clearly, typing slower and concentration levels normalising.  I am awake and feeling great!

9:49am and I just yawned O_O and been to the ladies twice already (caffeine is a diuretic after all)

9:58am and I yawned again.  Think I’m starting to crash now and I’m less alert.  9:59am and yawned again :/ another yawn and it’s still 9:59am. Yes I’m crashing x_x

By the time I finished writing this blog I haven’t yawned again and my crash wasn’t as dramatic as my experience with Death Wish which is the best as now I know I will be able to handle Black Insomnia without the crashing side effects 😀

Well done Sean and may Black Insomnia grow from strength to strength 😛



I Survived The World’s Strongest Coffee

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