Newlands Forest Carousel

On our last easy hike, we agreed that our next hike will be to the Carousel/Round Table but date and route to be decided later.  Cecelia Waterfall Down Rooikat

Starting route would be weather dependent.  From Rhodes Memorial, we will see city views and from Newlands Forest, we will be sheltered from the elements.  With today’s weather prediction of heavy downpours, definitely Newlands and with some concerned about the rain, I kept my eyes on 3 different weather sites lol.  Rain is only to come around 10-11am and we will mostly be in the forest so shouldn’t be too bad.


My sister in law also decided to join us today with my nephews but they were in no mood for a hike and the last time she joined me on a hike was in 2009!  Tarturas Cave really put her off lol and had to reassure her that today’s hike will be easy.  I only take this group on easy hikes.

In the week, I saw on Facebook that Hikers Network and Leave The Couch Together trail runners were doing the same route which meant the route is going to be full!  I asked the group if we should change the route but they said no.  We get to the car park and it’s full!  Had to go park in the other parking bay (for the first time!)


I check 11 pax, Newlands Carousel ETA 12pm in the Whatsapp Tracking group but I expected us to be done by 11am.  I lead, Momeena swept and we merrily make our way up chatting up a storm.  Oh yes!  There was only 1 young male with us today.  Girls Rock!

As we were mostly newbie hikers, I take a little detour to the bridge for them to take photos and a photo shoot ensued.  The younger ones took photos/selfies every few metres lol.  They didn’t come for the hike but for photo opportunities 😀  As they were enjoying themselves, I leave them be but it did slow down our pace tremendously 🙂 I would not be surprised if they took 1000 photos combined ^_^


I of course also take several photos but there’s not many flower species in Newlands Forest so took several pics of mushrooms.  After all this time, I still don’t know if its edible or not *rolling my eyes*  I do know that people do come to this forest to pick mushrooms but don’t know which ones haha

In fact, everyone was smiling, laughing and loving the hike, the scenery and each other’s company and I felt warm and fuzzy that I could do that for them and again remembered how far I’ve come as a hiker….in case you missed my Introductory Blog Introductory Blog Post – Hello World (which I only wrote on Saturday lolz)


We eventually get to the Carousel which was occupied by some veteran hikers frying eggs lol.  In jest they said that they booked the 9:30am slot and I asked them if they take orders so the one woman said that the guy does take orders (for fried eggs) but not very good at it haha


We chilled there for a while, chatting, laughing and eating and then Hikers Network arrived and made space for them (not all of them as they are a huge group).  I asked the one lady who is Pamela and this lady happens to be Shamima who hiked Jonkershoek with us.  I eventually introduced myself to Pamela (she’s a Facebook friend hehe)


When it felt like drizzle, told the guys to pack up before it starts to pour and go down the Littlewort path (or one of them as I know all the paths meet up somewhere).  They were very appreciative when I told them it’s a shortcut ^_^


Momeena says that it’s the first time she goes down the route and she’s loving it.  I looked at her expression and only saw contentment.  Oh the warm and fuzzies!  Everyone is still in high spirits.

I decided to take a fork I haven’t done before, all because it was there lol (and all paths meet up somewhere and I knew I wouldn’t get lost)


When we got to the stream, the only guy in the group explored a bit and I decided to check it out as well and wanting to take a photo of the area, not looking where I was stepping, I slipped and as I am falling down onto my buttocks, in slow motion, I see my phone fly in the air and land in water!  I have a Sony Xperia M4 Aqua which was water resistant and could take photos underwater before I dropped it and the screen cracked.  I haven’t checked to see if it was still water resistant x_x  My phone was too slippery to check if the functions were working x_x


I got to the group and told them what happened and the one asked if my phone is still wet.  (To save them the embarrassment, I shall refrain from mentioning names lol) but then another turned to me and dripping with molasses thick sarcasm, she replies ‘No, her phone fell in water and it’s drrryyyyyyyyyy’  We all burst out laughing at that tone!  (sorry, I had to retell it lol)


Close to the end of the hike, it only then started to rain and to tell them to pick up the pace as we are all going to get wet.  Some went to the loo and I threw out all the litter I picked up along the path to take a photo as taking just a photo of the filled packet wouldn’t do the pic justice.  So much litter in Newlands forest which use to be a pristine route!!!! I even took a small packet thinking that I would not have picked up that much litter! GGGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!


Anyway we are done around 11:30am and then only did the rain seriously come down.  A few of us still stood around and chatted and in no hurry to leave until I started to get wet as I gave my rain-jacket to my sister in law.   I didn’t want to take out my poncho just to run to the car hehe.

Newbie hiker (Nasheta’s friend) regaled the tale of how she kitted herself out for the hike and cannot wait for the next one ^_^


Checking out their stunning photos on Facebook and see again all the smiles in the photos (not posed ones) how much they enjoyed the hike and their thanks as they tagged me.

I want to thank each one of you for making the hike what it was.  It gave me so much pleasure to see the pleasure in your faces and chatter.  I only organise and lead the hikes but you guys make the hike 😀  Special thanks to Momeena for doing such a great job sweeping – the warm and fuzzies in full effect!

Sisters in law O_O

Until my next mountain adventure, thank you for reading and ciao for now 😀

Newlands Forest Carousel

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